Silver menorah by W. Knaru, Krakow c. 1851
Silver menorah by W. Knaru, Krakow c. 1851

On November 28, beginning at 6:00 p.m. J. Greenstein & Co.’s Auction House (, the world-renowned source for antique and rare Judaica, will host an auction featuring a collection of rare antique and artisan menorahs and other pieces of Judaica in time for Chanukah. To be held at J. Greenstein & Co., Inc. (417 Central Avenue in Cedarhurst), the auction will feature 149 rare and valuable objects including Chanukah menorahs, kiddush cups, silver Torah ornaments, spice boxes, and much more. The objects are all rare mementos of time and culture at various points in Jewish history.

The gallery, based in a 1,200-sq.-ft. location, hosts numerous historic pieces from around the world–many of which will be featured in the auction and many others which have never before been seen in public. Currently, the J. Greenstein & Co. Auction House is the country’s only house completely devoted to the sale of holy Jewish ceremonial objects. In past years, Greenstein’s Auction House rose to fame from hosting celebrity Judaica including Sammy Davis Jr.’s personal menorah and items from victims of the Bernard Madoff scandal.

Highlights from this year’s auction include a large silver menorah (Warsaw, c. 1900, est. cost: $6,000—$9,000, starting bid: $5,000), a silver Chanukah menorah (Hungary, c. 1937, est. cost: $1,200—$1,600, starting bid: $900), a large silver Art Deco menorah (Poland, c. 1920, est. cost: $4,000—$6,000, starting bid: $3,500), Trench Art menorah with engraved plaque from Gen. Yitzchak Rabin (Israel, 1966, est. cost: $1,000—$2,000, starting bid: $900), and a silver Chanukah lamp by W. Knaru (Krakow, c. 1851, est. cost: $6,000—$8,000, starting bid: $4,500).

“J. Greenstein & Co. Auction House is thrilled to bring this exclusive, one-of-a-kind opportunity to art collectors and Judaica connoisseurs,” says founder Jonathan Greenstein. “I am honored to play a part in preserving such historically important pieces, which take such a large role in keeping the traditions of the Jewish people alive.”

Fully illustrated catalogs and hi-res images of select items are available upon request or online at: The auction is not limited to those in attendance; it is open for phone bidding and order bidding and live online bidding at


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