Technology has drastically changed work environments. Email, internet, and other desktop applications have reshaped the functionality of offices. In all cases this advancement has led to increased work interactions and productivity. Having updated technology and internet access are crucial for success in the modern competitive workplace. Unfortunately, there exists in this day and age a significant digital divide.  Many New Yorkers lack basic tech apparatus and skills and are unable to advance their careers or take on new employment.

Enter JCCRPs new partnership with STEM Alliance, a digital consulting firm. A project introduced and generously funded by the UJA Federation of New York to ensure that people of all income levels have access to the technology and skills they need to succeed.

Moshe Brandsdorfer, JCCRP executive director helping set up the hotspots
Moshe Brandsdorfer, JCCRP executive director helping set up the hotspots

The program, taught by the talented, former school principal, Mr. Barry Fried, has, to date, assisted over 30 women. This includes its third cohort which met this past Sunday in Woodmere. The recipients excitedly opened up their new Chromebooks and enjoyed a three hour session on the basic functions of the Chromebooks. This includes Google Suite, email set up as well as hotspot functionality. A free hotspot and a mouse were included in this generous gift.

The first cohort was hosted in partnership with Mishpachteinu, a wonderful program that services over 200 divorced women with Shabbos meals, a Chessed apartment, and many other support services. Yehudis Sherman, program director expressed “the women were thrilled to see their names on the new Chromebooks, they excitingly got right to work in learning how to use their new devices. This gift will certainly enrich the lives of the single mothers in the community”.

Moshe Brandsdorfer, executive director at the JCCRP commented, “The UJA Federation of NY is laser focused on helping struggling community members enter the workforce and obtain meaningful employment. This program is another testimony to their holistic approach toward resolving financial struggles”.

For more information on the JCCRP’s Success Space for Women Program please email



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