Chuck’s Chutzpah

Dear Editor,

I enjoy your on-target editorials very much. The more recent one “Chuck’s Chutzpah,” (From the Editor, March 22) motivated me to write Senator Schumer my own reaction to his dangerous remarks.


R. Yigal Kornblum

Dear Senator Schumer,

I have followed and supported your political career from the days you were my congressman. I recall your attending our shul’s annual dinners (Congregation Beth Tikvah of Canarsie). We enjoyed your declaration of “Am Yisrael chai.”

To tell you that I was terribly disappointed with your recent statements about the Israeli government, in general, and Prime Minister Netanyahu, in particular, is an understatement.

I cannot fathom your rationale for coming out with that statement at this time when Israel is fighting an existential war after a barbaric and savage attack on its innocent civilians.

Put aside for the moment your disagreement with PM Netanyahu’s political outlook. Not only was your statement seen as an unprecedented interference in the domestic politics of an ally, but it posed greater danger to Israeli soldiers and the hostages. At a time when Israel is involved in tough negotiations to free these hostages (including American citizens), your statement only served to make things worse. If I was a Hamas leader, after seeing your statement, I would stop negotiating and raise my demands. After all, the highest-ranking Jewish Senator had come out against the Israeli government and its Prime Minister warning that it will become a “pariah state.”

The story of Purim, which we are currently celebrating, is very poignant to your situation. When Queen Esther hesitates to approach the king and beseech him to reverse Haman’s design to annihilate all Jews in his kingdom, Mordechai reminds her that it was G-d’s design to put her in such a position.

G-d put you in the position of influence and power, don’t lose your Jewish soul for a momentary political gain!

Rabbi Yigal Kornblum

Brooklyn, NY

Boca Raton, Fla.

A Pro-Israel President

Dear Editor,

Just want to express a hearty yashar koach on your editorial “A Pro-Israel President” (From the Editor, March 29). You touched so many valid points and articulated them so well.

While I hesitate to point to one aspect of your piece, because I don’t want to minimize the rest, your comments about Rabbi Kahane and the idea that we really are supposed to be apart from others and essentially don’t give a damn if the rest of the world agrees with us or not, was especially well taken by me.

Perhaps the one remark that I disagree with you on is regarding President Biden. Although he may have been supportive of Israel in the past, I do not think that his allegiance lies at this time with either Israel or with the Jews. Secondly, I believe that he is so cognitively challenged at this point that he really does not know what he is thinking or saying.

Kol hakavod and Shabbat shalom,

Chuck Levner

Dear Editor,

In case you didn’t notice, President Biden’s decisions since taking office have been anything but pro-Israel and pro-Zionist. He has enabled Iran to make billions of dollars by not continuing the sanctions that President Trump placed on them. He has made it possible for Iran to fund every terrorist group from Hamas to the Houthis. Immediately following the horrendous October 7 massacre and hostage taking, he posed for pictures with Prime Minister Netanyahu, but as the election season heats up in 2024, President Biden has made it clear that he no longer is a backer of Israel as seen by the introduction of a U.S. resolution for a ceasefire in Gaza which was defeated by Russia and China. With the reintroduction of a ceasefire, the U.S. abstained from voting, and it passed. To boot, the U.S. has been pressuring PM Netanyahu about not going into Rafah and the need to consider a two-state solution at the same time hostages (including Americans) continue to be abused with President Biden worrying about inadequate humanitarian aid to Gazans. He has also approved of Senator Schumer’s address on the Senate floor that every Jewish group supporting Israel has condemned. Now there is talk of slowing down arms shipments. I think you need to revisit your analysis of President Biden being pro-Israel and pro-Zionist.

Jan Henock


CE Blakeman’s Common Sense Move Has Dems Crying “Nazi”

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman has been making national headlines lately. In 2024, being a normal Executive in a deep blue state like New York apparently garners a lot of attention. He drove Democrats crazy when he decided to protect women’s sports and locker rooms by banning men from participating in women’s activities. Now he’s being called a Nazi because he wants to prepare for emergencies that may come up in the future.

The overreaction began when Blakeman put out a call for people who would be willing to be called to help in the case of an emergency. For example, if there is another Superstorm Sandy, there should not be a shortage of those who are trained instead of scrambling for volunteers. Part of the requirement is that those who are signing up must have a pistol license and are trained to use firearms. This sent Blakeman’s political enemies into a tizzy, claiming that Blakeman was raising his own militia.

The most ridiculous attack came from the Minority Leader of the Nassau County Legislature, Delia DeRiggi-Whitton (D-Glen Cove). “I’ve had some people tell me it’s actually causing them a lot of anxiety,” DeRiggi-Whitton claimed. “It reminds them not only of the Wild West but of times in Europe with uncertainty. There was something called the Brownshirts, which was basically having civilians all of a sudden become part of law enforcement without the training.”

First and foremost, comparing Blakeman’s plan to the Brownshirts is a gross exaggeration and a disservice to historical accuracy. The Brownshirts, or Sturmabteilung (SA), were the paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party, infamous for their brutal tactics and role in the suppression of political opposition during Hitler’s rise to power. Equating a community emergency response initiative in Nassau County to the systematic terror and violence unleashed by the SA is not only absurd but also insulting to the memory of those who suffered under Nazi tyranny.

Furthermore, Nassau County’s plan to enlist armed citizens for emergency assistance bears no resemblance to the Brownshirts’ sinister agenda. Blakeman’s proposal aims to supplement law enforcement efforts during emergencies, not to establish a paramilitary force bent on political intimidation and violence. The individuals participating in this program would undergo rigorous training and scrutiny, ensuring that they are prepared to assist law enforcement responsibly and effectively. Unlike the Brownshirts, who operated with impunity and answered only to the Nazi Party, these citizens would be accountable to established legal authorities and subject to the same standards of conduct as law enforcement officers.

Given that Blakeman is a Republican, it’s literally the job of the Democrats to fight his proposals, regardless of how common-sense they may be. Instead of working with Blakeman to alleviate concerns people may have, DeRiggi-Whiton engages in baseless fear mongering. Drawing parallels to historical atrocities only serves to inflame tensions and hinder constructive dialogue about effective emergency preparedness measures. Instead of resorting to hyperbolic comparisons, critics should engage in meaningful discussions about the practical implications and potential safeguards of Blakeman’s proposal.

In response to these baseless attacks, Bruce Blakeman, who is Jewish, went to the Holocaust Museum in Glen Cove, which is in DeRiggi-Whiton’s district, and demanded her resignation. “She has no right to be a public officer and a public servant in this county. She should resign,” Blakeman said. Blakeman was surrounded by rabbinic leaders and elected Jewish representatives like Presiding Officer Howard Koppel, Nassau Legislator Mazi Pilip, and Assemblyman Ari Brown.

“Equating these men and women, who would be willing to donate their time to protect our county,” Blakeman said at the press conference, “calling them brownshirts?” Blakeman went on to describe some of the 80 people who have already signed up but withheld more information at this time. They included former marines and NYPD officers. Anyone who signed up will be subject to an approval process before being on the database.

This is just the latest example of how quickly Democrats are willing to trivialize the Holocaust for political gain. We are seeing it endlessly in the war against Hamas, with claims that Israel is acting like Nazis when they are actively attempting to prevent civilian death. It’s despicable, and it must end. Good for County Executive Blakeman for calling out this venom in Nassau County, even while it continues to spread to everyone else.

Moshe Hill

Dinner Table Talk

Dear Editor,

I was very disturbed by this week’s dating forum column (April 5). We singles are not nebuch cases. The real nebuch cases are the married people who don’t treat us with respect and dignity.

Yes, we are single, but we’re also mature adults leading successful careers and meaningful lives. Most of us didn’t choose to be single, this is just how our lives turned out. Everyone craves companionship. We’re not “scared” and don’t need to “get with the program.” Of course, sometimes we’d rather make a Shabbos meal with our husband and children. But, we take the challenges G-d gave us and learn how to make the best of our situation. We do all the shopping, cooking, and dishes. So sometimes we like having a break on Shabbos. Plus, it’s nice to connect with different families in our community.

Dating is a very vulnerable and private topic. Asking a single “When was your last date?” is like asking a couple “When’s the last time you were intimate?” It’s a very inappropriate question and never something you should bring up at a Shabbos meal, especially in the presence of others. This couple has crossed the line and owes every single they hosted an apology.


Avital Levene



  1. B”H Increasingly, our Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman is becoming irrelevant to our otherwise moderate-progressive-liberal state, as he finds windmills to tilt in service to the most extreme, opportunistic right-wing MAGA policies. Earlier, he asserted to me that he was attached to the unfit 45th President; then, he declared himself against the anti-Covid-19 recommendations that we mask and vaccinate —- lining up in opposition to modern science and medicine. The latest faux pax is to declare transgender youth ineligible to compete in the teams aligned with their chosen gender (compounding the already fraught adjustment they painfully made to feel whole and wholesome)! Clearly, this Bruce, one might suspect, is also in favor, with his false idol, restricting women’s right to reproductive choice and health. In other words, the county executive poses a threat to social stability. We hail the rejection of Blakeman’s gambit to challenge our NYS Attorney General’s ban of his misbegotten order on transgender people in sports. Can’t wait the unleashing of invective and nonsense that is sure to pour forth from those fearful of social equity, inclusion, and understanding. With fraternal affection, Asher🙏🇺🇸😊


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