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Dear Editor,

Serious newspapers, such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal, do not publish unsigned or anonymous letters to the editor. The 5TJT, on the other hand, not only publishes unsigned letters but encourages them.

So, for example, in the December 7 edition, there are three unsigned letters to the editor by anti-vaccination proponents. The public does not know who they are, their affiliations, or their agenda. What then is the purpose of presenting their views? Would you publish the views of a 3-year-old on this important subject? Well, maybe you did!

If one truly believes in what he has to say, he should not be afraid or embarrassed to say it. If he is afraid or embarrassed to say it, then shut up. Anonymous writers are the cowards of our generation, especially in the frum community. Afraid that they won’t get a shidduch for their children, afraid that they won’t get a kibud in shul or an organizational honor. If the 5TJT wants to be a newspaper that is taken seriously, and not just a fancy PennySaver, then make everyone sign their full name to their letters and opinions.

Shabbat shalom and Happy Chanukah.
Sol Liss (you may publish my name)

Show More Respect

Dear Editor,

While I typically do not write letters to the editor, I feel the need to say something after reading Dr. Glatt’s op-ed in your paper last week (No Medical Dilemma Parts 1 and 2. Quite frankly, I was more than a little surprised that you would be willing to print something in an ostensibly frum paper that is so disrespectful to some of the gedolei Yisrael. It is one thing to disagree, but to be so obviously disrespectful and condescending to their opinions is too much. They are without question vastly greater in knowledge of halachah and Jewish mesorah than the author. While it is clear that Dr. Glatt represents a more modern segment of the community, his blatant disregard of the stature of those other poskim and roshei yeshiva (not just some local rabbis) is inexcusable and must be denounced. He needs to apologize regardless of what might be good intentions. Given the huge holes in his halachic analysis, perhaps he should just stick to practicing medicine and let the halachic experts deal with this issue.

Rabbi Oren Kagan


  1. Dear Mr.Liss

    The reason a number of us are choosing to remain anonymous or Pseudonymous for that matter, is because of the pure Sinat Chinam and vitriol that is coming towards us. Trust me – I do not need a kibud in shul, nor am I interested in a shiduch with anyone that is not at the very least open minded on the topic – the reason I use a pseudonym is to protect my family from the threats of violence that is coming our wat from people that are honestly scared, but forget that Hashem rules the world, and that He and He alone decides who dies and who lives. The scared people that have been made to believe that my un-vaccinated child is somehow a danger to his or hers. What SHEKER!!!

    I would love to use my real name so that someone like you could approach me in the supermarket or in Shul to continue this conversation in person, but I know that instead of a conversation it would turn ugly with name calling. I also would like to protect my children’s name from being smeared. if the side that believes that vaccines should must be administered fully to everyone with no exceptions and no analysis would be willing to participate in a free and open debate with an open mind, I would gladly come there with my name tag.

    Here is to hoping that everyone could peacefully discuss this over a drink or Shabbat lunch!

    Until that time you can email me at FiveTownsFather@gmail.com if you would like to discuss further. I promise you I am no uneducated 3 year old.

  2. I am HORRIFIED and SHOCKED that “Rabbi” Oren Kagan could publicly write such blatant, awful lies about one of the most amazing people in our community…let alone in an article calling for RESPECT!

    Anyone who knows Rabbi Dr. Glatt will laugh at these absurd insults as he is the most bi’chovedek man one could possibly meet. But that such garbage that aims to taint the Rabbi Doctor’s sterling reputation makes me physically sick.

    Please keep any discussion on the topic at hand strictly to the medical or halachic aspects. Attacks at the character of any of the people involved are just intolerable.

  3. BSD
    Living in these times, it’s crucial to get an understanding of what are the tests that all humans, Jew & nonJew alike are TRULY up against. If any authentically educated Jew comprehends his/her t’FEEL’ah – it would seem that it is one’s personal responsibility to aim all his/her thoughts, speech, and deed towards making Hash-m “ECHAD” in our lives and our world. This is our individual and collective missions for which the Infinite Creator gave each individual a treasure of resources in which to bring that ultimate goal to fruition.
    We may think that in fact creating UNITY for Hash-m in ourselves, in our relationships, and in the world is just too simplistic. Instead we seek to make things harder for ourselves. Hash-m gave us the ability to think and educate ourselves for the truth. That truth resonates in our souls IF we do not allow ourselves to fall for FEAR mongerers no matter how well credentialed they are. Religious leaders who take the stance that they have to back their supporters because they went to medical school are also part of the fear-mongering team. I’ve spoken with enough rabbis and principals to know that they are NOT in the least interested to know that the complete crumbling of our society – physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually is a direct result of the fear-based, disease-focused, controlling & disempowering pHARMa-ruled medical/therapy system that is all about REPLACING the Infinite Divine Ingenuity of our human design and how our natural processes work. We can call that “SHEINI”. Simply put in “Adon Olam” – “v’Hu Echad, v’ain sheini – l’hamshil LO l’hachbirah”. Since Adam Harishon and Chava were tempted by the Nachash (that’s why pHARMa uses the snake as it’s symbol) – the natural human instinct that we are in this world to overcome to become “G-d-like” is to become a “god replacement” – to CONTROL others. So being brilliant as were nazi scientists – doesn’t make that very REAL SCIENCE into MORAL Divine SCIENCE. pHARMa-medicine is NOT about healing or empowering people to live drug-free, vibrant healthy lives as is quite evidenced by overfilled hospitals, institutions, burgeoning cases for Chai Lifeline, RCCS, Ohel, Refuah, Bonei Olam (when so many people are unhealthy, fertility is at an all-time low. many children born through these “high tech” maneuvers are NOT that healthy either), Amudim, Ohel, MASK, kids of courage, you-fill-in-the-organization, as well as health statistics compiled by the US and the WHO. One has to be VERY naïve not to notice a very obvious conspiracy that the designers of this “system” write about themselves as clever psychopathic billionaires who designed and forced the medical model on society through their many propaganda campaigns by making people believe that it was “ALL” for their comfort and benefit. The “fruit” of a tree follows the disturbed and ill-nourished roots. Boruch Hash-m – there is a growing movement towards G-d consciousness that is bringing back COMPASSIONATE and EMPOWERING human childbirth the way the “ECHAD” designed. Many activists fought to have our babies nourished with food designed by the “ECHAD” (mother’s milk) when that was also ripped away from mothers by injecting drugs to dry up mothers’ milk and then convincing an entire generation of mothers that they are “sophisticated” by using man-made formula. Our doctors were also all conditioned to recommend cigarettes, opiodes, statins, Vioxx, microbiome-destroying antibiotics, steroids, etc. all to make people healthier?????? And we STILL need to replace the perfect design of the psychoneuroIMMUNOlogical system so mind-blowingly intricate with another man-made, cruelly, and immorally derived medical procedure called a “vaccine”???? We haven’t learned our lessons yet? Is it too inconvenient to stand up against the doctors, rabbis, principals, govt, and society to own up to your responsibility to properly care for Hash-m’s children he entrusted to your care????
    The medical model/vaccine effects of this generation in that it has instilled a pervasive sense of anxiety and fear perpetuates its nonsensical use, though the criminal fraud of this vaccine agenda has become MORE and MORE open even as the CDC and WHO documents revealed enough incriminating evidence on vaccines for decades. BH, I learned my difficult lesson after 3 vaccine-affected children and STOPPED. It’s like they’re saying “if your dumb enough to allow these mysterious concoctions to be injected into yourselves, you deserve what you get.” They tell it to you straight. The obvious effects are soooo horrific, yet the majority zombifiangly falls for it and calls it a “mitzvah”. That’s what chazal say – do a sin often enough and it even becomes a “mitzvah”. Since this latest call to vaccinate (which you will find is NOT about measles, but to get you to do even more poison vaccines – as the WHO is paying govt criminals to do to their citizens) – a number of women in my neighborhood who are all about “achdus” are now ignoring me, putting me in “cherem” for telling people to question vaccines. We’re on this earth and in this galus to emulate Hash-m and appreciate ALL His gifts, including measles (Chovos haL;vovos – shaar bechina – perek 5). I would love to discuss all these concepts with those interested in growing from this balagan. If Mr. Gordon continues opening the 5tjt to uncovering all the decades of misinformation on how our bodies REALLY work – which would bring us to greater understanding of ourselves, each other, and our Creator – I am certain that we will have many other G-d fearing holistic practitioners share their insights to help us all heal from vaccine/pHARMa trauma that is weighing us down. We need to cut ties with it as well as with doctors stuck in the old “science” – to soar high into our uniquely individual and collective greatness towards ” Hash-m ECHAD u’shmo ECHAD” – in body, mind, and soul. Thank you Larry – I hope all the other Jewish media wake up and do the right thing.


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