Gabriel Boxer in Gaza

By: Josh Hasten

How many U.S civilians can say they spent time in Khan Younis, located in southern Gaza during Israel’s current “Swords of Iron” military operation against Hamas? There is only one confirmed American on record who has accomplished that feat and his name is Gabriel Boxer – a businessman from Hewlett, NY, COO of Merchant Marketplace, board member of the American Friends of Judea and Samaria (AFJS) organization and founder and president of Kosher Response a local charitable organization helping those in need.

Boxer, also known as the popular Jewish blogger “Kosher Guru,” was embedded this week with the IDF Paratroopers mobility unit – Brigade 646 and Commander Captain Yigal Dilmoni. Dilmoni is the co-founder of AFJS and has been on the frontlines of the war since the October 7th massacre.

Boxer himself was in Israel on October 7, and has been back in the country at least five times as a volunteer, delivering essential gear to the soldiers, arranging barbeques for the troops, and much much on all fronts throughout the country.

Boxer recalled his Gaza experience, sharing that one of the first things he witnessed firsthand when he entered Khan Younis, was an IDF artillery unit firing at Hamas terrorists. He later learned that four Hamas members were killed in the strike.

He was then taken to a local elementary/middle school, which is now serving as an IDF staging area. Boxer said “In the school I saw brochures for a Hamas Summer camp which were given to Gazan children ages 8-12 by their teachers showing them step by step how to make rockets and missiles to be fired at Israel.”

He added “the school was also lined with murals on the walls glorifying Hamas suicide bombings, with images of Israeli Egged bus drivers and their passengers being blown up in Hamas attacks. You hear about incitement from Hamas, but seeing it first hand, and how they are feeding children an education of hate, is simply numbing. It really shows you how the Oct. 7 massacre was possible in this type of society.”

Boxer also met up with Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, who was in Gaza as a guest of the Prime Minister’s office. Yousef, also known as the “Green Prince,” broke off from his father’s evil path denouncing it, and became an Israeli agent, and internationally known speaker against the terrorist organization. He has dedicated his entire life to bringing down Hamas.

Boxer and Yousef visited another Hamas school together, where IDF soldiers located a 25 meter deep terror tunnel directly under the building. “Hamas has been digging tunnels and using children to do the work for them, this is not acceptable,” said Yousef.

He added “the IDF soldiers have been fighting for four months, locating these tunnels and trying to release the hostages. But this is not the end of the war. The war will end when Hamas is eradicated completely. They must be buried along with their sick ideology.”

Boxer said “There is no way that these tunnels were being dug under schools and other civilian homes for years, and people didn’t know what was going on.”

Boxer was also shown videos from the Paratroopers on how they have been able to utilize thermal drones on the battlefield. The drones serve as the eyes of the soldiers monitoring houses and other buildings to make sure terrorists aren’t in the area, so that the troops can advance in their missions safely.

After viewing the videos and seeing the importance of the drones, Boxer said he would help raise funds to purchase more drones for the unit via AFJS. “The drones save soldiers lives by remotely securing dangerous areas. At the same time, soldiers use the built in speakers on the drones to inform civilians they must leave the areas they are located, when the soldiers are in pursuit of the terrorists. These are such important pieces of equipment, and we need more of them for our heroes.”

Boxer is also helping Captain Dilmoni set up a March U.S. speaking tour titled “from the October 7 tragedy to victory,” in various locations including South Florida, New York, Los Angeles and in other communities.

Boxer said “Yigal has seen so much serving on the front lines throughout Gaza for four months straight.” He added “At the same time it is fascinating to understand what his family went through, without their father/grandfather present for so long, as he was busy defending the State of Israel and the Jewish People.”

He concluded saying “Visiting South Gaza was a surreal experience that I’ll never forget. One thing is for sure – Israel must achieve a total victory over Hamas, and the hostages must be released, and brought home immediately!”

To book Commander Captain Yigal Dilmoni on his upcoming U.S. speaking tour, please email AFJS



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