My great-grandparents, a’h, lived together for a little over 75 years. They were a gorgeous couple. They lived for each other and we saw it in every action they did and word they said. The way he cared for her and made sure she was OK spoke more than words!

I feel so privileged to have known them and to have spent the last five years or so they had with each other with them. They were fighters. They always smiled and laughed. They were role models in every way. Zeidy returned his neshamah to his Creator. Bubby couldn’t live without him; she left this world five days later. I was filled with devastation. It never crossed my mind that they would leave at some point.

Their grave is an everlasting statement of what their marriage was. It is one big grave, with one stone. The pesukim start off with his name and end off with hers. They did everything in harmony. I learned from them how to make a marriage successful not through lessons and speeches, but through actions, more powerful than words.


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