Lawrence election trustee candidate Steven Gottesman, Mayoral Candidate Sam Nahmias, and trustee candidate Aaron Felder

It can be called either a squeaker or a nail-biter but whichever you choose that is the best way to describe the historic election of a new Mayor of the Village of Lawrence here on Long Island.

Shlomo Nahmias bested incumbent trustee, Deputy Mayor Paris Popack, by a 25-vote margin in a vote that drew nearly 1,800 village voters on Tuesday, June 18th.

Nahmias was elected along with new trustees Aaron Felder and Shlomo Gottesman, both who ran unopposed.

The impact on the continuously evolving and growing tony village that is internationally known for its philanthropy and important institutions of Torah brings a bright and innovative vision of the village’s future.

Nahmias, 46, is the youngest candidate to win the mayoralty in the village’s more than 100-year history.  In his victory speech to supporters, he pledged to oversee a new Lawrence that will be more responsive to residents’ needs than any previous local government.

The local agenda here is a big one with the demand for more housing being contrasted with an infrastructure that to this point has had challenges keeping pace.  Nahmias has also pledged to hold the line on local taxes and to pay special attention to our roadways – many which are in serious need of repair.

The final vote was 889-864 with the margin of victory attributed to the count of the absentee ballots. The final numbers bear witness to two things—one, the beauty of the democratic process, and the fashion in which the community is evenly divided – not dissimilar to the rest of New York State and indeed our entire country.

Congratulations to the winners and all the candidates for the campaigns that they ran, professionally and with excellence.


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