As a personal trainer, it’s most important to me that my clients are happy and excited to work out. As I’ve said, if you enjoy the journey, the physical outcomes will show up as side effects in the process.

Sounds way easier said than done. If we could just snap our fingers and create a problem-free workout zone as trainers and as clients, things would be a lot easier. However, the journey is a long road filled with forks, bumps, hills, and even mountains. Hitting these obstacles along the way is inevitable. So how do we deal with these problems that show up? Are there always solutions or do we just do our best to push through? Together, let’s go through a few obstacles that we all hit along our workout journey.

Living in a world of social media and technology, there are many ways for us to get information regarding our fitness experiences. With a click of a button, loads of articles, videos, and podcasts are available to us, leaving our heads with a clutter of information. Unfortunately, a lot of what we are hearing is misinformation and can cause a huge dent in our workout process. Googling and searching from millions of different workout gurus preaching their own beliefs can put as at a standstill in our journey or even set us back. Find someone you trust, and only turn to one or two people you feel you can rely on to give over information in a way that works for your goals.

A lot of times we lack support from families or friends that can cause us to hit a bump in our road to success. Sometimes, we need to find people in the same mindset as us who can help motivate and push us along the way. We may rely on spouses or siblings to help us be more positive on those bad days, but they aren’t at all in the same frame of mind as us. We get frustrated when we get the wrong response after we hit major personal records at the gym, but the truth is that they just don’t get it. Find yourself a group that can support, inspire, and motivate you to push your limits. Friends you meet at the gym with whom you can talk over coffee about the epic fail you had that morning when trying to deadlift. Find the right kind of support and you will be able to go so far.

Most people turn to fitness for two reasons: for both physical and emotional results. If you set your mind the right way, the mental side to fitness is extremely attainable. If you recognize that you’re on your own path, your own journey, your own road to success, your attitude will be more positive and uplifting. The problem with the physical side of fitness is that the end goal is harder to achieve. So members deal with the struggle of not seeing the results fast enough and they lose their drive to push through. Solving that problem is easier said than done, but we need to push away the physical and dive into the mental compartment of fitness, putting our mind toward enjoying the journey. Focus on being in the moment and less on scales, numbers, and dress sizes.

Here’s where I come in! Dealing with unmotivated trainers is upsetting and frustrating. Three words: SWEAT WITH SHANA. Like I’ve said before, finding the right trainer is hit or miss. It can take 2–5 tries working with different trainers until you find the right one—one who’s always inspiring you, whether in or out of the gym, and someone who shows up for you and understands your goals.

These are only some issues we can come across in the world of fitness. Truth be told, if our attitude is more positive, these bumps are easily manageable. Like I said, mindset is everything.

Remember—be you, only stronger.

Peace out,


Shana Katz is a personal trainer and founder of Sweat with Shana. To contact her, WhatsApp 718-614-8589 or e-mail


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