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In last week’s parashah of Shoftim, we read how Hashem tells Bnei Yisrael that when they go to battle against their enemies, they should not be afraid because Hashem goes to battle with them and fights their battles with them. This promise has been true for over 3,000 years. How else did the Jews in the desert and later in Eretz Yisrael fight formidable armies and how does modern Israel fight against overwhelming odds and continue to succeed?

This kind of chizuk, encouragement from Hashem, boosted the morale of Bnai Yisrael’s soldiers. A beautiful video from one of the early Gaza wars that I watched on YouTube was of a commander sending his troops into Gaza to fight and he quotes the pasuk from Shoftim. He tells his soldiers “Do not be afraid because Hashem your G-d goes before you to war to fight for you.”

There are many types of wars and many types of battles. There are personal battles that people have to fight, especially when facing health issues. My son, Rabbi Dov Teitz, who is a maggid shiur in Yeshivas Mercaz HaTorah in Yerushalayim, had been doing bikur cholim at Shaare Tzedek Hospital almost daily until COVID. Then the hospital did not let visitors in, so he stopped going although he still went to visit some people in their homes. Now that things are back to normal, he started going to Shaare Tzedek again this summer. Just the other day, a nurse from Shaare Tzedek reached out and called him to visit someone who is alone in the hospital. Dov has made such a good impression on everyone at the hospital and the nurses look forward to when he comes. He was very touched that this nurse reached out to him to visit this man.

I am proud of the way he makes a kiddush Hashem when he visits secular Israelis. They see before them a chareidi man and he breaks all stereotypes. He speaks to them, tries to be helpful with no pressure or prejudice because they are not religious. They feel his sincerity and appreciate it.

My granddaughter Shoshana, who worked at Camp Simcha this summer, went to visit a camper who is facing surgery. This was a special chesed and I’m proud of her. Her visit was appreciated, and the girl’s mother gave her a berachah. That berachah means a lot.

My granddaughter Rivky is an EMT with Ezras Nashim, the volunteer women’s ambulance corps founded and headed by Judge Ruchie Freier. Rivky does home visits as well.

In Israel my two granddaughters Shoshy and Tzipporah also worked with handicapped children. For a few years they walked a long distance to take a young boy in a wheelchair out for a Shabbos walk.

Through the month of Elul and of course all through the year, reach out to people in need. Give them chizuk, give them a berachah. Hashem should reward our acts of kindness with a good, healthy, and sweet year.

First Day Of School At YCQ!

As 1,000 students walk through the doors of Yeshiva of Central Queens (YCQ) on the first day of the 2022–2023 school year, you can feel the students’ anticipation. After a very long summer, they are eager to reunite with old friends, meet new friends, and get to know their new teachers who will instruct, guide, and support them this year. A lot of changes are in place at YCQ this fall, including additional activities, new and innovative curriculum, and brand-new classrooms for our youngest students in pre-school.

“We are blessed this year with excellent staff and faculty, many new to the community,” reports Rabbi Mark Landsman, principal of YCQ. “Yeshiva of Central Queens is filled with students who are ready and eager to learn. Our building is newly and beautifully renovated. My hope for the YCQ 2022–2023 school year is simcha, shefa, mazal, nachat, hatzlachah, and shalom. We look forward to watching our students grow in middot, Torah, mitzvot, general studies, and the fun and engagement of learning.”

Upcoming Events

Rabbi Ophie Nat, Rabbi Rosenfelt’s colleague at the Yeshiva of Central Queens, will lead Friday night services at the Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills, Shabbos, September 10, Parashas Ki Teitzei in honor of it being the first week that its new rabbi, Rabbi Daniel Rosenfelt and his rebbetzin, Amanda, will be in the shul.

Fun Day for Children, Sunday September 18 at Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills, between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. at which the Rosenfelts will be present. The event will feature a bubble show.

“Resin with the Rebbetzin” crafts event for women, Tuesday September 20 at 7:30 p.m. For more information about these events and yomim norayim seats, please contact the shul office at 718-261-9723.

18th season of the Shiur HaChodesh for Women by Women at Etz Chaim on Zoom. Preliminary schedule:

Sunday, October 30: Dr. Tanya White

Wednesday December 7: Dr. Deena Rabinovich

Sunday, January 8: Rachel Sharansky Danziger

Sunday, February 12: TBA

Sunday, March 12: Shifra Malina Waxman

Sunday, April 23: TBA

Wednesday, May 17: TBA

Wednesday, June 7: Prof. Nechama Price

We want to offer you the opportunity to reserve slots for full sponsorship or support-in-part to enable the continuation of this program that we all value. You can contact Hadassah Waxman at for sponsorship opportunities.


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