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There are lots of happy winners in Israel with the election returns now official for Netanyahu and a religious, right-wing coalition. Let’s hope we will be as happy with the U.S. election winners. We voted early on Sunday at Queens College, and I hope that you all voted, too. There were no lines, everyone was efficient and friendly, and we were in and out quickly. I’m looking forward to the “red wave” that is being predicted. Let’s hope that the U.S. election results will bring us back to conservative values, eliminate crime, curb inflation, and eliminate anti-Semitism. Let’s get our city, state, and country back from the devastating “wokeness” that has taken over in recent years.

Lonah Chemtai Salpeter won second place in the NYC Marathon on Sunday. She is originally from Kenya, but has been living in Israel and became a citizen in 2016.

Another winning runner was my grandson, Moshe Weiss, who finished the MAY 5K run in a little over 29 minutes.

Finally, I would like to share a hashgachah pratis story that happened to my son yesterday in Yerushalayim. He was running late and missed his ride, so he was on a bus on the way to yeshiva where he teaches, when all of a sudden there was a commotion. The driver was yelling at someone outside. My son got up to see what was going on; there was an Arab on a motorcycle blocking the bus’s path. The bus driver was yelling at the Arab who would not budge. My son stared him down angrily and did a few karate moves. The Arab came to the door of the bus and the driver opened it. My son bluffed that he’s a black belt in karate and warned the Arab that if he doesn’t move and my son goes after him, he could kill him. Guess what? The Arab left.

I’m very happy that I did not know about this as it was happening. My son took a risk saying that he’s a black belt, but he wanted the Arab to know that you don’t mess with Jews. Where did he get this shot of adrenaline? Must have been from watching The Karate Kid when he was ten years old! Thank you, Hashem, for keeping him safe and for a safe outcome.

May the new Israeli government show strength to our enemies and not back down to world opinion, and may the outcome of our election here also be strong.

Have a good and peaceful Shabbos.

YCQ Welcomed Prospective Families To Bayit V’Gan Day With Passport Activities And Live Uncle Moishy Concert

On Sunday, November 7, almost 100 prospective families attended YCQ’s “Bayit V’Gan Day,” an introduction to YCQ’s kindergarten program for parents and students, which featured Uncle Moishy in concert and a “YCQ Israeli Passport” program.

Uncle Moishy performed for the parents, students, faculty, and volunteers, while the young students danced, learned, and sang along to his well-known hit songs. After the concert, the themed program, “YCQ: Passport to Your Child’s Future,” was introduced.

Each child received a special YCQ “passport,” which allowed him or her to travel to different Israeli “cities/classrooms” and learn about Israel and our kindergarten program. YCQ passports were stamped in “Jerusalem,” “Haifa,” “Tel Aviv,” and “Tzat,” while children created collages, learned Ivrit, experienced smart board learning games, and relaxed during story time in the library.

“We offer a passport to your child’s future via a first-class educational experience like no other,” said Ms. Allison Witty, director of admissions.

“As our students journey through each grade, they learn to develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills viewed through the lenses of Torah, literature, science, history, math, art, music, and extra-curricular activities. Torah guidance and the latest research in pedagogical best practices inform and shape YCQ’s educational philosophy.”

Rabbi Nosson Greenberg Addresses Shevach Rosh Chodesh Event

On Wednesday, October 26, Shevach High School students enjoyed a special event in honor of Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan. Under the direction of Shevach Menaheles Mrs. Shulamith Insel, the morning was glamorous and inspirational. The program was run by Shevach Educational Administrator Mrs. Devorah Kovitz, who worked with her dedicated committee of seniors to make it a special morning. The Rosh Chodesh Committee heads, together with the G.O. heads, transformed the multi-purpose room in a manner that embodied their 5783 theme of “Flying High.”

After being treated to a gala breakfast, Mrs. Insel introduced the program with words of welcome and insights into the significance of Cheshvan, which follows a month of davening, fasting, Sukkos, and Simchas Torah. She urged the students to hold onto that connection to Hashem. In that regard, Cheshvan—which Chazal call MarCheshvan—is noteworthy. In Hebrew, “mar” means mister, an address of honor and importance. Therefore, Cheshvan is a significant month, in that it connects us to the elevation we experienced in the month of Tishrei that preceded it.

In an interesting note, the guest speaker, Rabbi Nosson Greenberg, a rav in Far Rockaway, spoke on a similar theme. With his trademark sense of humor, he described the seasons of the year, and in particular Cheshvan, as the beginning of the winter. Just as we prepare our clothing for winter, we have prepared ourselves for the winter in Tishrei. Indeed, the “clothing” of Hashem, so to speak, is our mitzvos. Just as clothing can sometimes define us, our mitzvos define us. They make us who we are. The 248 positive commandments in the Torah represent our limbs (i.e., us). We all aspire to wear royal clothing and strive to a higher level of spirituality. In Cheshvan, that preparation starts to bear fruit as we approach several months of no yomim tovim. But our mitzvos of Tishrei will carry us forward.

Altogether, the morning was an exciting start to the winter months and gave the students much to think about and much to internalize. Kudos to Shevach G.O. heads Eliana Deil, Esther Greenfield, Aviva Robinson, Chana Tova Kasirer, and Ella Marcus, and to the Rosh Chodesh heads Menucha Fedowitz, Chana Ilyasov, Rivka Jacob, and Meira Levy for a job well done!

Shalom At Bnos Malka

Each year Rabbi Weichselbaum, menahel, along with the assistant principals of the elementary and middle school, select a middah that will become the Bnos Malka Theme of the Year. The middah is emphasized and will be incorporated in as many aspects of the school day as possible. Instead of merely glossing over the importance of the selected theme, it is reinforced in countless ways. This year the school has selected the middah of shalom. Each month they explore an aspect of shalom and develop a deeper sensitivity on how to achieve it, in real practical terms. For Cheshvan, the events coordinator, Chavi Ribowsky, has planned a month-long contest where girls must demonstrate tolerance, a critical component in achieving shalom with others.

“Week 1, we will be learning to train our minds to react to a situation appropriately, placing ourselves in a positive mindset by taking a step back and assessing the situation. In week 2, the girls will learn different techniques to deal with situations appropriately. We will use techniques like mindfulness, breathing, and finding the positive in the scenario. And in weeks 3 and 4, we will pull the two steps together and then figure out the best way to approach the person they may be having a hard time with.”

Chazaq Kicks Off Post-Holiday Season With Plans For Expansion

Chazaq’s life-changing work is known throughout the Jewish community. Thousands of people from all backgrounds are inspired by their events and lectures each year since their inception in 2006. As we all know, though, Chazaq’s main goal and mission is to educate and inspire Jewish public school students in the Queens community and beyond.

In the last 12 months alone, Chazaq touched the lives of 1,192 public school students, 670 from their Shaping Lives Program, and 522 from their JWave teen division. Baruch Hashem, 207 of them transferred to yeshivas. Since 2017, Chazaq has registered 1,324 students in yeshiva. All truly remarkable accomplishments.

Just days after the holiday season came to a close, Chazaq kicked things off with a staff appreciation meeting at Pier 26 to go over their exciting plans for the coming year. Every division was represented at the meeting from the public school to yeshiva division, JWave Teens (boys and girls), Shaping Lives Sunday School Program, Beis Medrash/Kollel, the Food Pantry, and the office and Chazaq event staff.

Rabbi Yaniv Meirov, CEO of Chazaq, started off the event by expressing his gratitude and appreciation for the staff. He and other higher-level members of the Chazaq team spoke about some internal changes to allow processes to run more efficiently, and ultimately, will allow Chazaq to increase its bandwidth to help more kids and teens get a Jewish education

“Lives are being changed,” says Meirov. “What’s being done is truly impacting so many lives, but a lot more needs to be done. We can’t stop.”

At the end of November, Chazaq is having a Charidy Campaign, a 36-hour worldwide campaign to get the community at large to assist in their life-changing mission. “Our goal is to strengthen our Shaping Lives programs for children and the JWave Division for teens, and expand to more and more communities,” said Meirov.

Stay tuned for a lot of exciting growth for Chazaq this coming year!

To keep up to date with Chazaq’s amazing work and become a part of the revolution, please visit, e-mail, or call 718-285-9132.

Upcoming Events

Annual Lawrence Shabbaton for singles ages 39-55, Shabbos Parashas Chayei Sarah, November 18–19. For more information call Baila Sebrow at 516-849-5863.

89th Annual Dinner and Chag HaSemichah for Rabbinical Seminary of America (Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim), Sunday, November 20. Reception at 5:00 p.m.; dinner at 6:00 p.m. at Terrace on the Park. For reservations and more information, contact or call 718-268-4700.

Shabbos Hatzalah, December 3, Parashas Vayetzei. To donate, visit


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