Some friends and I were sitting together on Shabbos afternoon, catching up on each other’s lives and enjoying our time together. Of course, the topic of weight loss, or lack thereof, came up. We started to discuss our fitness routine—how some of us go to the gym, some of us work out from home, and some of us just don’t have the time for anything at all. I stayed quiet and just listened to some of the excuses that were thrown out about why fitness hasn’t been incorporated into their lives. With zero judgement, I gave as much motivation as I could and moved on to another discussion.

I gave that conversation a lot of thought when I got home. Do we really believe in our excuses? Do we really think that our excuses are keeping us from working out? I went through so many different scenarios that were mentioned during my conversation with my friends and decided to get all of you out there to realize how those excuses aren’t what’s holding you back. What’s stopping you from any sort of fitness and nutritional change is your mind believing in those excuses.

We’re living in a world full of expenses. Mortgage rates, car prices, insurance rates, tuition, and, of course, the cost of groceries are all rapidly increasing. Our day-to-day expenses are really high and not always easy to manage. Putting a gym membership or a personal trainer into your budget won’t necessarily be an option. I get that finances can be a reason why you don’t exercise more, but hear me out. It’s just an excuse. We use fitness in daily life without even realizing it, making the extra gym membership fee just another excuse to not work out.

Put aside 30 minutes a day to create a perfect workout routine, either in your house, office, or outdoors. All you need is yourself. There are zero expenses in a workout made for you when you get into that mindset. The extras in a workout are just the excuses holding you back. No fancy gyms, expensive treadmills, heavy-duty weights, or even those cute little bands are a must in getting healthy. The priority for fitness goals is you just showing up.

Time. There are never enough minutes in the day to get our stuff together. Kids, work, shopping, post office runs, meetings, dinner prep … when can there possibly be time for a workout? That’s just another excuse you tell yourself every day. Let’s be honest with each other. Time can ALWAYS be found. Think about your everyday life, and you’ll see how mundane activities can be turned into an exercise. I don’t know about you, but I bend down to pick up my kids’ toys from the floor about 20 times a day. Make that “bend” a nice, deep squat. Or when you get onto your toes to reach for the cereal box on the top shelf of the pantry? Lift those heels high off the ground and dig your toes into the floor for a nice, strong calf raise exercise. Common moves throughout the day can easily be turned into a workout, so time is definitely not the issue. Sure, you want more of a consistent workout as opposed to cleaning up toys and dusting the top of the chandelier, but where to get the time? I promise you: 20 minutes a day can 100% be set aside for your health. Walk up and down those steps at a quick pace for five minutes, then end with some jacks, squats, and planks. Done! Or get on your back during tummy time with your baby and do some crunches, bicycles, and scissors. Done. Time can always be on your side as long as your mindset changes.

My favorite excuse is: “I HATE SWEATING.” Girl, grow up. You sweat, you shower, you’re done. There will always be some sort of excuse to stop you from doing what you know is necessary. Don’t look for reasons to stop yourself from building up a healthy and strong body. There’s only one thing that’s holding you back, and it’s YOU.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself you will make the time. You will work out free of any charges, and you will sweat!

Remember—be you, only stronger.

Peace out,



Shana Katz is a personal trainer and founder of Sweat with Shana. To contact her, WhatsApp 718-614-8589 or e-mail


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