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Back to Basics: Is Today Tomorrow?

As we approach the conclusion of the counting of the Omer, it is an opportune time to reflect on the importance of time in our lives, and how the...

Back to Basics: The Mysterious ‘Unaffiliated’ Jew

Across America Jewish organizations have a strong common bond. They all spend much time trying to figure out what makes the “unaffiliated” Jew tick. These Jews wield tremendous power...

Back to Basics: Two Types of Healing and Lashon Ha’ra

It is well-known in medicine that you can treat the symptom or the source of the problem. Treating the symptom will hopefully alleviate the problem, but it may be...

Poway Rabbi Reveals His Request From President Trump

Tens of thousands of people from all walks of life visited the tziyun (Ohel) of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Harav Menachem Mendel Schneerson, zt’l, at the Old Montefiore Cemetery in...

Back to Basics: Preparing for ‘Marriage’ at Shavuos

By Rabbi Tuvia Teldon As we start the process of counting the Omer, it is never too early to simultaneously prepare ourselves for Shavuos. The giving of the Torah on Har...

Back to Basics: Splitting Our Personal Red Sea

  We know that in our morning prayers, the song by the sea and the splitting of the sea has a greater status than the earlier exodus from Egypt. Why...

Back to Basics: Our Preoccupation With Chametz

  In Sefer Sh’mos, we read about the Exodus of the Jewish People. It is a defining moment in the birth of our people, and every part of the Torah’s...

Back to Basics: Communication, Creation, Kabbalah

By Rabbi Tuvia Teldon One of the greatest challenges we all face, from the time we are young, is how to communicate. Our success or failure in meeting this challenge...

Back to Basics: A Crisis Of Faith

By Rabbi Tuvia Teldon Jews of all affiliations and people of all religions are not immune to experiencing a crisis of faith. Depending on the depth of one’s belief, there...

Traveling Torah Dedicated for Son of Chabad LI Director

In November, Rabbi Daniel and Raizel Huebner will move with their three children from New Jersey to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, to run a Chabad center. They’ll be...
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Israel, Version 3.0

Being part of the third generation is difficult. The first generation innovates. The second generation consolidates. The third generation often squanders the achievements of...

Ceasefire: Risks And Opportunity

By Hagay Ringel The ceasefire deal with Hamas, reached last week, provides for the release of abductees at a critical point in the war and...

IDF Investigating After Hamas Claims 10-month old, 4-year-old, and Their Mother Are Dead

Israel National News The Hamas terrorist organization claimed today (Wednesday) that three of the four members of the Bibas family who were kidnapped on October...


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