Panther Creations

By Larry Gordon

This is Panther Creations on Central Avenue in Cedarhurst. A quaint shop with a meticulously decorated front window, always featuring an interesting and creative jewelry creation that makes you want to stop and admire the item on display.

After three decades in his beautiful retail shop, Joseph Speigler is closing the store, but he will not be retiring. Instead, Joseph is going to devote his time and attention to doing that which he loves most — designing exciting jewelry pieces that make a statement.

I visited Joseph in the shop on a recent rainy day to talk about his years in Cedarhurst and how the community around him has evolved. Joseph Speigler is thoughtful and reflective; he speaks naturally with great affection about his clients. Though some have moved away, many still make the trip from some distance in order to procure just the right piece that expresses the sentiments attached to an anniversary, an engagement, a wedding, or a birthday.

Joseph Speigler

Joseph is a personable jewelry professional who is easy to work with. On the day I visited the store, a young man walked in and told us that he was getting married in the coming week and was interested in a gift for his kallah. I stepped aside and observed as Joseph and the young man discussed what might be the best type of gift for her on her wedding day, and after a brief discussion, they decided on diamond stud earrings.

When they did not see what they had in mind, it suddenly struck Joseph and he said, “I might have just what you are looking for in my safe.” He retreated to the back of the shop and then emerged with a stunning pair of earrings, beautiful and perfectly priced.

Panther is closing its doors on Central Avenue at the end of December, and for jewelry aficionados, there will be a void on the Avenue. After a short vacation and a little time to get used to his new reality, Joseph hopes to continue to work virtually with private clients on new and even more innovative jewelry designs.

Panther Creations still has a great selection and array of antique jewelry, estate pieces, diamond eternity bands, watches, cultured pearls, South Sea pearls, and so much more. It is worthwhile to stop in at Panther to peruse the showcases and consider some of these striking pieces of jewelry that are now drastically reduced in price through the end of the year.

If you haven’t visited with Joseph Speigler or taken a look around Panther, this might be your last chance for that special opportunity. You will certainly be impressed with the selection Panther has to offer. It will also be an opportunity to say hello and wish Joseph well in his future endeavors.

Panther Creations is located at 509 Central Avenue in Cedarhurst.


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