Kosher for Passover food is superior. Have you ever heard someone say that? Probably not.  If you disagree with this bold statement, you’ve probably never been to a Passover program.

Passover programs are notorious for many factors, food being one of the most alluring components. From lavish breakfast and lunch buffets to 24/7 fully stocked tea rooms, daily afternoon BBQs, all-inclusive delicious meals, unlimited drinks, and poolside cocktails/mocktails. The options are quite literally, limitless. If you are a foodie or just consume food daily, Passover programs are for you. You do not need to be concerned about the grocery shopping, meal planning, and cooking food for Passover. Passover programs will do it for you. So, you can put on your most comfortable outfit, lounge by the breezy pool, drink your frosty and refreshing pina colada, and just enjoy the peace and quiet. Sounds like paradise because it is.

Passover program operators are fully aware that families attend programs for different reasons. One family goes on vacation yearly, one family wants a break from cleaning, cooking, and hosting, and the other family comes for the luxurious and mouthwatering meals. There is no shame in that. Passover programs hire several chefs each year for the sole purpose of cooking succulent meals that people will be buzzing about till next Passover. K Luxury, a Passover program in Khalkidhiki, Greece is hiring “15 Israeli Chefs from renowned Israeli Hotels (that) will delight you with their specialties.” Food is not only to be quickly eaten during the program, but also an experience for the palate. From themed dinners each night, to after Passover Mimouna parties, candy shops, and in-house restaurants. Passover programs are truly a foodie’s dream- there is no other opportunity where top-quality meals are served for ten days straight.

If you think programs will serve leftovers for ten days, think again. Passover programs are not fond of leftovers, like you and me. They try their hardest to ensure leftovers will not be served to any of their guests. In fact, some programs have different cuisines each night, from Mexican, Italian, Israeli, and so on. All while making sure that the traditional comfort food is served on Yom Tov. A taste of home away from home. Royal Passover, another program on Passover Listings, located in Los Cabos, Mexico guarantees “a brilliant and coordinated performance by leading chefs of the world who will create a tailored dazzling culinary Pesach experience. At Royal Passover we know food. Prepare to tingle your taste buds and awaken your senses, at this epicurean dream.” If that doesn’t tingle your curiosity, I don’t know what will.

Let’s all imagine it for a second. Mouthwatering cuts of beef, veal, lamb, perfect barbecued on the grill, crispy and perfectly salted French fries, crunchy and crispy salads dressed beautifully, savory, and luscious soups, and fudgy warm brownies and cookies. Should I go on? I will either way. We can’t forget about the glorious breakfast buffets with pancakes, waffles, cereals, yes- you’re reading this correctly- refreshing jams, sharp cheeses, fresh fruit, nutty coffee, the list goes on and on. Each mealtime is something to look forward to while on a Passover program.

For all the non-foodies out there, we all know that Passover is extremely restricted regarding food. However, it does not need to be that way. There is a possibility where you can enjoy Passover food and look forward to it like countless Passover program travelers. BK, a Royal Passover guest, left a review stating, “Food was amazing, never had a bad meal, never got sick.” As well as Elana, a Hafikoman Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Pesach Program guest, wrote how the “food was excellent and plentiful…Loved that the food had a Mexican flair to it and truly made me feel like I was getting a Mexican experience even during Pesach (think fried plantains, guacamole, fresh fruit…all the time). It was a very fish-heavy program. Also had tons of meat – beef, veal, and lamb.”

If you are worried regarding food on a Passover program, if there was enough, was it buffet or sit down- make sure to visit Passover Listings, a website that showcases over 100 Passover programs worldwide. Search up any program or location and scroll down the page to read countless reviews from various Passover program travelers for the full scoop.


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