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These are perilous times we’re living through, and they are as frightening as they are troubling.

If you have an open mind, it’s abundantly clear that Democratic Party politics has crossed a line and decided to go in the direction of unmitigated corruption and deviousness in order to retain power in our national government in the upcoming November election.

You do not have to be a Trump supporter or even a Republican to come to the realization that America is heading in the direction of a serious crisis.

It’s obvious that the Democrats and the New York judiciary have been doing everything possible to derail the Trump candidacy for president. If they believed they could defeat him legitimately in November, they most likely would have preferred that route.

Instead, they apparently concluded that Trump was way too successful as president, and he’s scoring high in the polls, while Biden’s notorious bungling and ineptitude are on full display on an almost daily basis.

It seems that at this point, the Democrats are desperate as they fear having to deal with the law and any potential investigations by a Republican Department of Justice, which could end up in indictments, trials, loss of income, fines, and even jail time for numerous violations of the law. This is the chance they decided to take. Let’s call it a gamble.

A friend of mine who flew in from Israel last week remarked to me over dinner last Thursday (after we’d heard about the Trump convictions), that he sees that matters in the U.S. are functioning similar to how they are in Israel. That is, on the matter of Benjamin Netanyahu and the left’s inability to defeat him at the polls, they decided instead to put him on trial on a number of spurious charges in the hope the Israeli courts will decide that an indicted prime minister cannot run for re-election.

Here in the U.S., even though Trump was found guilty on all 34 counts—without the prosecution being able to define what the underlying crime was that constitutes a felony—there is nothing in the Constitution that states he cannot run for president.

In the meantime, with sentencing on the 34 counts scheduled for July 11, the news stations and media pundits are rife with speculation about whether Judge Juan Merchan will sentence the Republican candidate to prison time.

According to law experts, there is an appeal process that can be pursued in the New York Court of Appeals, but that process can take months or even years. It’s unknown whether Merchan will have the gumption to sentence Trump to jail time in an effort to further disrupt his candidacy.

The Trump appeal has to be filed within 30 days of the July 11 sentencing date, and under routine circumstances, the process would be stayed pending a hearing on the case with the defendant released on his own recognizance. This may or may not be the situation in this case. Merchan, it seems, takes his orders from the White House, though not directly from Biden, who is largely unaware of what’s at stake here.

Republicans, some Independents, and even a good number of Democrats are ready to turn their backs on the Democratic Party and embrace the possibility of a second Trump presidency.

The facts, as we have seen, show numerous dangerous crises looming on the horizon. Under Biden’s watch, there are at least two out-of-control wars raging with little to no attempt by the United States to bring them under control.

Israel must definitively defeat Hamas for the good of the country as well as for the United States. Instead, we have a skewed foreign policy apparatus under Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, who are working tirelessly to save the terrorist organization from destruction, while similarly working behind the scenes to embolden and placate the dictatorship in Iran.

On that count, a second Biden term in office would be dangerous for the United States and Israel on multiple levels. Every policy overseen by the Biden administration has been an absolute fiasco. This includes immigration, the economy, and crime on our streets. Biden’s failed “Bidenomics” led to disastrously high inflation that eats into Americans’ paychecks as the cost of food, rent, and energy remain high. On his first day in office, President Biden communicated to the world that our border is wide open. Now we are facing the worst border crisis in American history, with every state a border state, including New York.

Biden has been claiming all along that our economy is great. It’s not. He and his administration have been saying all along that the border was closed for most of the last three years. It has been wide open.

As far as Israel is concerned, it’s well understood that the main agenda of a second Biden administration is to force a two-state solution on Israel. So misguided is the Democratic party agenda on Israel that even the U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Jacob J. Lew, said the other day that a two-state solution is the answer to all the problems in the Middle East. He stated that since Hamas wants to destroy Israel and thereby create a “one-state solution,” a two-state deal would thwart Hamas’s plans. Has anyone ever heard anything so absurd? I don’t think so.

Unfortunately, just as Netanyahu and Biden woke up, it’s increasingly clear that if any of the hostages are still alive, their numbers must be minimal. It’s sad and tragic, but at the same time, not at all shocking. This is what terror groups like Hamas specialize in: killing, torturing, and maiming. In this case, Jews, but not exclusively.

Why the Biden Administration seeks to maintain the viability of Hamas is mysterious and troubling on a number of levels.

As you can see, we’re living in unusual times. In Israel prior to the last election, Netanyahu’s opposition tried to get a law passed that would forbid either a convicted felon or someone under indictment from serving as Prime Minister. That obviously didn’t work. Here in the U.S., there is no such law prohibiting a convicted felon or even someone in prison from serving as president. So, it might be kind of unprecedented, but for now, it’s all systems go for Mr. Trump.

Since last Thursday’s verdict, the Trump campaign has raised more than $200 million, which includes a $100 million contribution from Miriam Adelson. So, at least financially, things are going well.

In terms of the appeal process, several legal experts have chimed in saying that a legal mechanism exists to leapfrog over the N.Y. Court of Appeals and go straight to the U.S. Supreme Court. While there’s no rush to take that route, it might be the best way to go.

Certainly, the case where a biased, partisan judge might sentence a presidential candidate to prison is a matter of great urgency, just as the Court’s involvement in the close Bush-Gore presidential race of 2000. In that case, Al Gore won the popular vote, but the court voted 5-4 that Bush had won Florida and thereby won the electoral vote.

However this ends up, we are blazing new trails here, and while we may not agree on all things, most of us can safely say that everyone would be better off putting the Biden years behind us.


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  1. B”H “These are perilous times,” begins the publisher-editor’s latest verbose diatribe; a
    proposition the sane and decent will agree, but not with his outrageous conclusion that only a defective child-man, a veritable loser and cheat returning to power can save our liberal democracy! For years, I’ve wondered how people of Larry Gordon’s obvious moral turpitude face their offspring and grandchildren: are they really proud to promote a candidate and my nominal Party that has lapsed into MAGA cultism? Such advocates are fully prepared to undermine the rule of law —- they did it previously on January 6, 2021 —- when a jury of our peers have 34 times confirmed felonious conduct by their false idol, threatening to visit violence and havoc if due process of law continues! As to our better incumbent President Biden only heaping Larry’s deflections, denials and lies about the 46th’s achievements remains to summarily dismiss. The purported electorate’s volatility is a mirage; the tri-party adherents —- Democrats and independents, a majority of voters become insurmountable when added to the increasing defection of Republicans whose party expected nominee promises to be a dictator (for one day), suspend the Constitution and weaponize the justice system through his promised “retribution.” Gazing at Zion, our hearts are heavy with the “errors” and sustained bloodshed the protracted war on Hamas has brought. More, Israel’s premier, a junior to the 45th’s record of adjudicated crimes and abuse of power, increasingly operates under the suspicion that military operations are a camouflage for delaying his own rendezvous with judicial destiny; as in the case of his American deeply flawed counterpart, putting self-interest above national requirements. In both instances, our respective beloved nations will be better off with their long overdue departure from the political arena. So let it be. Amen. Shabbat shalom. With fraternal affection, Asher 🙏😢🇺🇸😩🇮🇱🕍❤️


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