The meat cleaver used by Akram Joudeh to hack police detective. Photo: NYPD.

The meat cleaver used by Akram Joudeh to hack a police detective. Photo: NYPD.

The perpetrator of Thursday’s meat-cleaver attack on an off-duty New York City police detective was recently arrested and released, after allegedly parking his car outside a Brooklyn synagogue and shouting “Allahu Akbar,” the New York Post reported on Friday.

According to the report, Akram Joudeh, 32 – a Palestinian with a Jordanian passport who lived in his Nissan Altima — was arrested at least three times over the possession of knives. Two knives were also found behind the driver’s seat of his car when he was detained for the synagogue incident, which took place on July 27, the report said.

The NYPD detective, Brian O’Donnell – whom Joudeh hacked in the head with a cleaver outside of Penn Station in Manhattan — was given a hero’s salute from 100 of his fellow officers Friday, as he was wheeled out of Bellevue Hospital, the Post reported. The gash from the cleaver, leaving a scar stretching from the his forehead to his chin on the left side of his face, required 70 stitches and caused nerve damage, sources told the news outlet.

O’Donnell will return to Bellevue next week for an evaluation of the treatment he will need to alleviate the nerve damage.

O’Donnell, a 16-year police veteran, was on his way home on Thursday afternoon, after a shift at the 19th Precinct on the Upper East Side, when he encountered Joudeh at the train station.

According to the Post, Joudeh had been trying to pry off a parking boot from the wheel of his car, and when passing policemen tried to stop him, he swung his cleaver at them and fled.

When O’Donnell noticed what was going on, he joined his colleagues in the pursuit, and tackled Joudeh. It was then that the assailant hacked at O’Donnell’s head and hands, before being shot and critically wounded by other officers. Like O’Donnell, Joudeh was evacuated to and is being treated at Bellevue, the Post reported.

As an international security expert told The Algemeiner on Sunday – a day after eight people were stabbed at a mall in Minnesota and 29 were wounded in a bomb blast in New York City —lone-wolf Islamist terrorists the world over are drawing inspiration from Palestinian attacks against Israelis.

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Source:: The Algemeiner


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