NEW YORK, NY (December 19, 2022) — In a symbolic act of solidarity and courage during an increasingly worrisome time for Jews worldwide, Lizzy Savetsky, social media influencer, Zionist, former member of “The Real Housewives of NY” – and no stranger to antisemitism – aligned with Friends of the IDF (FIDF), along with some of the most recognized and respected Jewish influencers from across the globe, for a Chanukah campaign aimed at combatting antisemitism, “Live the Miracle.” The campaign celebrates the miracle that is Israel and the Jewish people who, throughout history, continue to rise in the face of terror, even when the odds are stacked against them.

Last night, on the eve of Chanukah, Lizzy opened her home and heart to a courageous Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldier from across oceans and together they lit candles and shared meaningful traditions that have been practiced for centuries. IDF soldiers are among the most demonized/antagonized of Jews and this campaign is a call to action to show support for those who are responsible for the keeping the miracle of the Jewish people alive.

Lizzy’s family welcomed with open arms Sergeant Shachar, a naval combat sailor in the IDF who, weeks ago, successfully intercepted two drones sent by the Hezbollah terror organization in an attempt to damage one of Israel’s gas rigs.

“Chanukah is the perfect representation of bringing light to the darkness! As proud Jews, we want our light to shine as bright as possible in this time of growing hate towards our people. We will not back down or shrink away. Shahar’s courage and strength, and the bravery of her fellow soldiers, inspires us to keep going! Together, we can light up the world,” said Lizzy.

Night two will feature Alexi and Loren Brovarnik, stars of the hit series “90 Day Fiancé” and the spinoff series that launched 12/18, “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?”

The full eight-night influencer line-up is as follows:

Night 1: Lizzy Savetsky (Zionist, social media influencer and matchmaker)

Night 2: Alex and Loren Brovarnik (Stars of the hit series, “90 Day Fiancée”)

Night 3: Modi Rosenfeld (Stand-up comedian and actor)

Night 4: Tova Friedman (Holocaust survivor and TikTok sensation)

Night 5: Ashley Waxman Bakshi (Beauty, travel and fashion creator and social media influencer

Night 6: Cathy Heller (Author and podcast host)

Night 7: Kosha Dillz (Rapper)

Night 8: Noa Tishby (Israeli actress, writer and activist)

“It’s a privilege to stand in solidarity with these influential Jewish figures who will not let darkness prevail. These are people, who, in the face of social media and all sorts of attacks, are standing up for morality, for dignity, and for these young men and young women who are literally at the front line of humanity,” said Steve Weil, CEO of Friends of the IDF.

All nightly videos will be posted on each influencer’s Instagram page, @friends_of_the_idf and

Friends of the IDF is an organization dedicated to supporting the needs of the soldiers of the IDF — who put their young lives on the line every day to protect Israel — during and after their service through empowering educational, financial well-being and cultural initiatives.


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