IDF Orphans sing with Harel Skaat and Elai Botner

IDF orphans joined Harel Skaat and Elai Botner for “Son and Father and Mother,” a touching performance in honor of fallen IDF soldiers for Memorial Day 2019.

The lyrics, translated from Hebrew are as follows:

Every time a sun goes down
And when an airplane cuts the sky
You’re there in all of these, guarding from above
Nothing is missing here

And when the first rain comes
And the night is dark and alienating
You are there in all of these, worrying from above
Making sure we won’t be cold

And among us is the sea
The sky and maybe the world
And they will not separate us either, my little boy
And you can try to smile, love and go forward
And in the end we’ll meet and be back
Boy and father and mother


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