1With the participation of 95% of the Class of 2013, the annual Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls’ reunion, held in Israel the week of January 1, brought excitement and cheers. At the gathering at Michlalah, Mrs. Helen Spirn, head of school, and Dr. Tzipora Meier, principal of grades 11—12, welcomed the girls who are attending seminaries this year. They were also joined there by Mrs. Miriam Leifer Rosen, a beloved SKA faculty member who made aliyah. There was spirited schmoozing, hugging, and even some dancing; a video of SKA faculty filled with divrei berachah for the graduates was shown to heartfelt applause.

Each SKA graduate also had her own personal meeting with Mrs. Spirn and Dr. Meier to discuss her progress and explore her aspirations for the second half of the year. In addition to the reunion and the individual meetings, the SKA administrators visited every seminary their students attend, including Michlalah, Emunah V’Omanut, Midreshet Moriah, Baer Miriam, Amit, Shaalvim for Women, Tiferet, Machon Maayan, Nishmat, Migdal Oz, Darchei Binah, Tomer Devorah, Midreshet Tehilah, Midreshet Harova, MMY, Midreshet Lindenbaum, and Bnot Torah Insititute. v


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