Tehilim List

The Five Towns Jewish Times community invites you to submit names needing a speedy recovery from an accident or injury to our new Tehilim list.

Names should be submitted to 5tjttehilim@gmail.com, along with an expected timeframe, after which the name will be removed from the list, unless further information is received to keep the name on the list.

If you wish, you may submit details regarding the choleh/cholah to possibly enhance the davener’s kavanah, or these details may be left out due to privacy considerations as desired.

May our tefilos bring a refuah sheleimah to choley Yisrael.


Etyl bas Chana who has an inflammatory condition causing pain and difficulty eating
Benyamin Menachem ben Sarah Malka
Alta Laiya Craintza bat Elka Reva

Aharon Dovid ben Mindel
Malka Rochel bat Faiga
Eliora Rut bat Nomi Rivka
Adiel Shmuel ben Rosemarie
Chaya Recchel bas Nechama Gittel
Malka Rochel bas Faiga

Yitzchok Elimelech ben Chana Sarah
Shmaryahu ben Raziel Shoshana Miriam

Boruch ben Henya
Dovid Yosef Ben Sara Rifka
Rafael Chaim Zev ben Esther
Aharon Dovid ben Mindel

Sarah Leah bas Itta Leah

Yisroel Ben Chaya Elka
Dovid Ben Chaya Elka

Adina Rochel Bas Danielle Sarah
Rochel Leah bas Henya Chana Necha
Fradel Udel bas Sima
Avrohom Lev ben Chana Leah Chaya
Binyamin Zev HaKohen ben Sharrone Rivkah