Are Passover Programs overpriced?  The price of everything increased over the past few years, from eggs, to gas, to mortgage rates. It would only make sense for the cost of Passover programs to rise as well. Well, not everything makes sense. Passover programs usually operate the bulk of their promotions, sales, and discounts right after the holiday of Sukkot all the way up till January. There are people who begin thinking and researching about Passover right after Sukkot. Which is understandable being that Passover programs can be pricey. If you think going on a Passover program is financially unattainable, there may be a possibility you can attend one this year.


Pricing depends on multiple factors, such as location and the number of family members. Europe based Passover programs are generally cheaper than American based programs. European program operators hire workers that are based in Europe making their minimum wage lower than American minimum wage. The cost of operating in Europe is generally cheaper than America, leaving flexibility for spending. Hotels and transportation are on the cheaper side as well. However, airfare is usually more costly since the flights are international, as opposed to domestic flights. With that in mind, it is imperative to keep in mind what the program offers. Programs that are on the $15-20K range offer more sophisticated options and higher-end amenities. Leisure Time Tours, a Passover program with four locations, one of which is in Santa Margherita, Portofino, Italy this year. “The five-star Imperiale Palace Hotel is today one of the most outstanding and prestigious hotels in the Ligurian Riviera…The hotel was originally built as a private villa in 1889 by the aristocratic Costa family of Corsica. Le Vele Beach Club is widely considered to be one of Santa Margherita Ligure best beaches. It has an intimate atmosphere with vibrant turquoise waters and provides a picturesque setting for relaxing. Luxurious loungers and umbrellas are reserved exclusively for hotel guests.” You get the point; the location and hotel are lavish and luxurious. H Hoffman, a Passover program traveler, left a review on Passover Listings, a website that showcases hundreds of Passover programs with honest and real feedback stating, “The accommodations were regale, terrific and spotless rooms and amenities”.


American based programs are still extravagant and grand, but at a higher price point. Lasko Getaways, a Passover Program located in Aventura, Florida is being held at the “Conde Nast Readers Choice #1 Resort in Florida JW Marriott Turnberry Miami Resort and Spa in Aventura, Florida… with luxurious, elegant 25,000 square-foot Four-star rated Ame Wellness Spa with an extensive menu, 21 treatment rooms, relaxation spaces, a SPA boutique and a full-service Salon.” Mike S. commented that “the resort is magnificent, the rooms are large, and the facilities get better each year. We are looking forward this year to being able to enjoy the entire waterpark that was completed after last Pesach. The Lasko family truly runs Pesach like a family. Meals are great, abundant, and well planned.


You can’t compare the two, different strokes for different folks. Each family operates differently and has various wants and needs.  It all depends on what your family is satisfied with. There are high-end luxury programs and there are programs that are simple, without being too excessive. If you are concerned about the monetary aspect, Passover is expensive in general. For those hiring cleaning help, the price can add up. I’m sure you’re thinking about the groceries too, from shmura matzah that ranges from $20-25, to bottles and bottles of grape juice. It’s a lot. Then you must purchase meat, vegetables, and kosher for Passover desserts and cereal that cost an arm and a leg. You are anyway spending money, might as well channel that money and be smart with it. Don’t know pricing for each Passover program? Visit and check out their new Pricing Tool. Put in your contact information, budget, and location preferences and every single program worldwide will show with pricing, transparent and simple. If you’re looking to save, look for Europe based programs and read each description to detect any hidden costs. There are certain programs that charge additional costs for extra amenities or excursions/trips. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. There are deals and promotional offers, such as percentages off adult and children’s rooms, early bird specials, and black Friday deals on websites like  But you must act quick before they expire. So be mindful when researching and ask as many questions as you see fit, you deserve to be fully aware of all charges and costs. You worked hard for your money.



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