Paris, France. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Three boys were indicted on Tuesday for the rape of a 12-year-old Jewish girl a few days earlier in an incident that has shocked France’s Jewish community.

The teenagers, two aged 13 and one 12, were indicted for gang rape, death threats, anti-Semitic violence, attempted extortion, invasion of privacy, violence and insults, Le Figaro reported.

On Saturday afternoon, the girl, who had spent the afternoon with friends, was crossing Henri Regnault Park in Courbevoie, a Paris suburb, when she came across two boys, one of whom she vaguely knew.

They blocked her way and forced her to follow them to an abandoned daycare center. A third boy joined them and started insulting the girl as a “dirty Jew,” the teenagers told police.

One of the attackers held a lighter next to her face and threatened to burn her. They forced her to perform vaginal, anal and oral sex on them, and threatened to kill her if she told anyone, Le Figaro reported.

Afterwards, the girl made her way home and told her parents what had happened. A friend who was with her when the boys took her was able to give a detailed description of the suspects, who police confirmed were at the crime scene through images from security cameras.


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