Lana Del Rey. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

A top Israeli politician reached out to Lana Del Rey on Monday, three days after the American singer and songwriter announced she was postponing an upcoming performance in the Jewish state after she faced intense pressure from the BDS movement.

“You’re sitting in New York after cancelling your performance in Israel because of pressure from Roger Waters and other vocal BDS activists,” Yair Lapid — head of the centrist Yesh Atid Party — wrote in a letter to Del Rey. “It’s a shame, because you were lied to. You became another one in a series of people being used by Palestinian terrorist organizations without knowing the facts. Seeing as you’ve got some free time now maybe you should use it to learn about what’s really happening here in Israel.”

Lapid then went on to offer Del Rey a “list of facts they kept from you.”

Afterward, he added, “Lana, isn’t it a shame to let the lies of others decide for you? You gave up on the opportunity to see the reality for yourself and to use music as a tool to connect and spread love.”

Lapid concluded: “Israel is a country under threat. Although we are strong and can protect our citizens from our enemies, the boycott movement spreads an incomprehensible amount of lies to disparage Israel in the world. They are trying to isolate us, to turn Israel into an illegitimate state. They don’t seek peace, and despite what they might have told you, they don’t support a two state solution. Their aim is the destruction of the State of Israel. The naivety of people like you amuses them. They are using you to harm Israel but do their best to hide behind the language of peace and love. The only way to fight their lies is to learn the truth.”