By Rochelle Miller

Jacob Rabi is a visionary on a mission to transform the landscape of phone and tablet repair throughout the nation. As founder and CEO of Trufyx, the dynamic and personable entrepreneur is revolutionizing the industry with an innovative and exciting platform that has elicited an enthusiastic response since its launch.

Jacob was inspired to embark on his mission because of his own disconcerting experience. When his phone broke down during the pandemic, he discovered the inconveniences of getting a phone repaired. “It was a nightmare—I had to run to four different places over two different days,” he recalls. “My entire schedule was disrupted, and the experience went from bad to worse. As a result, I decided to research the market and the options that were available for a quick solution, but few existed.”

Spurred to action, Jacob decided to take control of the situation by providing people with easy access to local techs and helping those technicians source local repairs sans exorbitant marketing costs. Thus, Trufyx was created.

With transparency, accuracy, and alacrity as its hallmark, the company features customer service that is second to none, including a 90-day warranty on all repairs. Indeed, its name—Trufyx—reflects the trust-inspiring relationship with customers as well as its culture of transparency. Since its inception, the business has earned a sterling reputation and an ever-expanding client base. “One-third of our repairs are referrals or returning customers,” Jacob notes.

Jacob and his team are constantly striving to surpass their own standards of excellence. “We keep improving every day,” he notes. “That’s probably why we have straight-five-star reviews across every platform—Google, Yelp, and Facebook.”

With Trufyx’s mobile on-demand services, there’s no need to visit a store and wait for endless hours or even days for your device to be repaired. Whether it’s screen replacement, battery and charger port replacement, water damage repair, data recovery, or any other phone-related issue, Trufyx will come to your home, office, or even a local gym or coffee shop. They will arrive within three hours, and, in most cases, will repair your cellphone within 15–20 minutes.

Common problems can be fixed by Trufyx’s certified technicians on the spot, no matter where you are in the five boroughs and Nassau County. Did you drop your phone? Has it simply stopped working for no apparent reason? Whatever the case, Trufyx will troubleshoot the issue and provide quick and affordable service.

Their process is fast, seamless, and user-friendly. The automated system notifies the customer of every step of the repair request. Customers can communicate directly with the technician, thereby eliminating a representative. Accordingly, when the device is repaired, accurate responses to questions are delivered with alacrity.

Daring to dream big, Jacob is envisioning an even bigger and brighter future for Trufyx. Presently, the company is servicing the greater New York City area, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, the Bronx, and Nassau County. “At the beginning of this year, we will be expanding to New Jersey, and we’re planning on greater expansion in that area in the near future.”

With his finger on the pulse of cutting-edge technology, Jacob Rabi and his team are working on a business platform to create a one-stop shop for phone care with special features for businesses. “We are working with many partners to educate consumers about the new option for phone repair and increase our reach,” he says.

“Our team is fully vetted with background checks to ensure that all New Yorkers get the best possible repair from the Five Towns to Manhattan Beach to Chelsea and beyond.”

Peruse the following unsolicited testimonials from enthused Trufyx clients and you will see why the company has become the urgent phone repair source of savvy consumers since its inception.

“I recently had to get my screen repaired. The technician came to my house within two hours, was professional, quick, nice, and reliable! He answered every question I had and didn’t leave until I was satisfied! This startup is a life changer, and the service was 10/10 fully recommended!” G.H., Long Island

“I highly recommend Trufyx! The technician was professional and didn’t leave until the job was completed to high standards. My phone’s charge port now works as new without needing to hold it at a weird angle.” J.T., Manhattan

“Trufyx was quick to respond and had my phone fixed and back in my hands in less than three hours! Very happy with the result. They also gave me a new screen protector. Very nice company to deal with. My phone looks brand-new all over again.” A. S., West Hempstead

“My Samsung Note 10+ screen was unresponsive after a fall. These guys were able to temporarily replace my screen in my home, in less than 10 minutes, to allow me to transfer my files and applications to my new phone. I highly recommend their service and would use them again if I run into any issues.” A.J.

“I shattered my iPhone X screen this past weekend and reached out to Trufyx. It was super-easy to schedule an appointment—they come right to you and perform the repair in their car in 20ish minutes. I decided to replace my battery, too! Best phone repair service ever! The staff was in constant contact with me, and the technician was extremely knowledgeable and fixed my heavily damaged phone extremely quick! I will 100% be using Trufyx in the future!” L.T., Forest Hills

Your cellphone is an essential companion in daily life. A damaged phone is a big deal and can disrupt your personal and professional schedule for days. Trust Trufyx’s team of top-tier technicians for signature seamless service. For further information, please refer to their ad in this issue of the 5TJT.


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