i24 News – Two armed Palestinians were arrested Thursday after crossing into Israel from the Gaza Strip, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) report.

According to the army, the two suspects breached the security barrier in Gaza’s north. They threw a hand grenade at the IDF troops who arrived on the scene after spotting the suspects infiltrating Israeli territory.

However, the explosive was inactive and failed to blow up. The Israeli forces responded with fire at the two suspects and apprehended both.

The security forces found an additional grenade — also an inactive one — a knife and a metal cutter on the suspects, who are now being interrogated. No IDF casualties were reported in the incident.

Just hours before the failed infiltration, another Palestinian was arrested after trying to infiltrate Israel from Gaza. The suspect did not carry any weapons.

Previously, in early September, the Israeli security forces reported thwarting an attempted bomb attack instigated by Hamas. The plot involved an Israeli with family in Gaza who had been recruited by the terrorist group.