The floodgates of rage, hatred, and revulsion against Jews have swept the streets and campuses of America; Muslim pro-Palestinian demonstrators and their supporters seem invincible and immune from being held accountable or even close to being prosecuted for assault or incitement. Police forces, district attorneys, and judicial courts have adopted a progressive agenda and are overly forgiving in response to Muslim aggression, a policy that invites escalation of antisemitism and anti-Israel terror against the Jews of America.

In attempting to decipher the volatility of these Muslim pro-Palestinian Arab demonstrators, the real question that we should be asking ourselves is why modern democratic societies pander to and apologize for the actions of the most radical, violent, and intolerant of the pro-Palestinian Arab demonstrators. Since October 7, we have witnessed an unprecedented intensification of violence against Jews, with no expected de-escalation in the future. To understand up close how the anti-Jew and anti-Israel hatred has gotten out of control, the following example suffices: A Cornell student, 21-year-old Patrick Dai, allegedly posted threatening messages on a Greek life message board: “Watch out pig jews. jihad is coming. nowhere is safe. your synagogue will become graveyards. your women will be raped and your children will be beheaded. glory to Allah,” Dai allegedly wrote these words of incitement to murder on October 28, according to a criminal complaint.

The broadcast and print media, social media, and the overwhelming majority of academia have over the years been at the forefront of defending the false accusations and vilification against Jews and Israel. Any attempt to demand accountability as opposed to a “cherry picking” presentation of facts that accuses Israel of committing genocide, apartheid, and ethnic cleansing is met with counter claims of Islamophobia and a Muslim right not to be offended. But modern life in Democratic societies requires the willingness to be offended. As Jew hatred and anti-Israel violence have become a daily routine, the willingness of pro-Palestinian Arab demonstrators to be offended is not only lacking, but has fueled their fabricated sense of grievance against the Jews everywhere.

One might assume that the Palestinian Arab claim of grievance is based on demographic evidence, however the very opposite is the case. Concerning the claim of genocide and ethnic cleansing, in November 2002, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) produced an article on Arab population growth and density in Israel. The study was conducted in 2001 and compares the Israeli Arab population in Israel between 1948 and 2001. The authors also predict the amount of growth in the population by the year 2020. According to the study, 156,000 Arabs lived in Israel in 1948. They comprised approximately 19% of the population. In 2001, 1.2 million Arabic people populated the area, the proportion of Arab residents remained at 19% in 2001. The researchers predict that by 2020, the Israeli Arab population in Israel will have increased to 2 million people and will comprise somewhere between 21% to 24% of Israel’s population. On average, the proportion of Israeli Arabs increases 3.4% each year.

The empirical evidence of Israeli Arab growth in Israel simply cannot support the false accusation that Israel is committing genocide. The Israeli Arab population growth shows a healthy, steady, and resilient population growth over the years. As for the Palestinian Arabs, the demographic statistics of The World Factbook and the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics estimated that the Palestinian Arab population in the “West Bank” (Judea and Samaria) including East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, amounted to 5.79 million people in 2017. Of these, 2.16 million Palestinian Arabs lived in the “West Bank,” and 1.79 million lived in the Gaza Strip. In 1945, during the British Mandate, approximately one million Palestinian Arabs lived in the territories, meaning after years of Palestinian Arab emigration to the United States and the European Union, 5.79 million have remained and increased through natural growth. The accusation of genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian Arabs simply has no basis in fact.

It is simply a knowingly mendacious libel, chosen for its Holocaust associations.

As for the accusation of Israel being an apartheid state, I am reminded of my own experience not in Israel but in New York during the late 1960s and early 1970s in which black-American pupils were bussed to my high school due to the institutional segregation that had been the norm. In Israel, Israeli Arabs have been integrated into all spheres of life for the past half a century with Israeli Arabs appointed as judges in the Israeli Supreme Court; senior Arab academicians in Israel’s universities; in the educational system; and in the health system with Israeli Arabs having a prominent and contributory role as senior physicians, in nursing, and para medical professions. The Israeli Knesset, our parliament, includes around 10% Israeli Arab parliamentarians elected in free and democratic elections. In any office, school, or factory Jews and Arabs enter the building through the same entrance, use the same restrooms, eat in the same dining halls, and lie in beds side by side in Israel’s hospitals.

The accusation of Israel being an apartheid state is totally detached from reality and is another purposeful and mendacious attempt to create a comparison with South Africa’s historic oppression of people of color. So what makes these Palestinian Arab supporters so unwilling to be offended? Why do they respond with a Pavlovian-type response and blame the Jews and Israel for their shortcomings?

Palestinian Arabs are taught that they are superior and that the Jews are inferior. Palestinian Arab culture’s self-glorification has only achieved the very opposite within their society and for their attempt to create a national identity. The Palestinian interaction with the State of Israel has exposed them to Israel’s superior military, administrative, and intellectual achievements. Israel’s diversity and respect for human rights exposes the Palestinian Arab scandalous treatment of women and the extreme separation of the sexes that has crippled their society. It was not too long ago that Palestinian Arab homosexuals were thrown off the roofs of 15-story buildings in the Gaza Strip by Hamas, or beheaded by family members living in the “West Bank.”

Palestinian Arabs insist that their shortcomings are inflicted on them by the Jews and Israel, yet rather than being proud, they are silently deeply ashamed of what they see around them in Palestinian Arab society.

This overwhelming discrepancy between the regressive reality of Palestinian Arab society and the need to project a blaming strategy on the Jews and Israel has not only succeeded beyond their dreams but has also made them prisoners of their own making. Other than blaming the State of Israel or glorifying the terror war against the Jews, the Palestinian Arabs have nothing to show for their 100 years of resistance against the Jews, starting decades before they began to call themselves a people, with the destruction of the Gaza Strip being only the latest example of their inability to move beyond their hatred and unwillingness to be offended by the truth. n


Ron Jager grew up in the South Bronx of New York, making aliyah in 1980. Ron is a 25-year veteran of the Israel Defense Forces, where he served as a field mental-health officer and as commander of the central psychiatric military clinic for reserve soldiers at Tel-Hashomer. Since retiring from active duty, he has been providing consultancy services to NGOs, implementing psychological trauma and psychological education programs to communities in the North and South of Israel. Ron served as a strategic adviser to the chief foreign envoy of Judea and Samaria. To contact him, e-mail Read more of Ron Jager’s articles at



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