Legislator Mazi Pilip at Nassau County Rally for Israel

Former Congressman Tom Suozzi is a likeable, congenial person with whom you can discuss the issues of the day in a serious, no-nonsense fashion. His pro-Israel stance is impeccable, and there is no reason to think that if he is elected to replace George Santos in next week’s 3rd congressional district special election, any of that would change.

But there are issues.

Firstly, from our vantage point, it is vital for the good of the United States and Israel that the slim majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives (as well as the Senate) be increased.

For this important reason, we need you to take time to go out and vote on February 13 for Republican candidate MAZI PILIP. There is no question that Mr. Suozzi is committed to the continued enhancement of U.S.-Israel relations, but once you break down what the support for Israel looks like in detail, that’s where we can run into some serious trouble.

This is what I find most troubling about the election. If elected, will Tom Suozzi have the courage and fortitude to stand up for Israel even if the Biden Administration (or another Democratic candidate) wins in November, or will he have to tow the party line on issues like arms for Israel and the two-state solution?

In the aftermath of October 7 and the deaths of over 2,000 Israelis, and as a pro-Israel activist, Suozzi must understand that a two-state solution, which is the obvious endgame for a mostly failed Biden administration, would be extremely dangerous for Israel. The question is, will Tom stand up and oppose this idea prior to the February 13 special election and the inevitable rematch regardless of who wins in November?

It cannot be that a clear-thinking person with longstanding, close ties to the Jewish community can delude himself into genuinely believing that two states for two peoples, as the mantra goes, is the only way to achieve peace in the Middle East.

Instead, the Suozzi campaign focuses, to the point of obsession, on where Mazi Pilip stands on the reelection of Donald Trump, where she will stand if he is convicted of any of the spurious charges he is currently facing, and where she stands on Roe v. Wade and codifying the law on abortion that was reworked prior to the 2022 election.

The Suozzi camp feels they caught Pilip in some kind of bind if she refuses to outright support a woman’s right to an abortion as stipulated in Roe v. Wade. The Democrats consistently and dishonestly refer to abortion as “women’s health care.” They will never talk about a baby in the womb, only as a fetus, as if it was non-human, not a human being with a desire and a will to live and breathe just like all of us.

Mazi Pilip has seven children. I think it is fair to assume that she is not in favor of abortion, no matter how you spin it. Mazi was born in Ethiopia and arrived in Israel at the age of 12 as part of Operation Solomon. She grew up in Israel and served in the Israeli Air Force. She married and moved with her family to the U.S. and now currently serves in the Nassau County Legislature. Given her background, she would be quite a unique member of the House.

It is also important to note that the manner in which Democrats couch the abortion issue is disingenuous and dishonest. The Supreme Court did not outlaw abortion when they overturned Roe v. Wade in June, 2022. If you hear our Senator Chuck Schumer saying anything that implies that, he is just lying in an effort to mislead and delude you. To that end, abortion will always be legal in New York State by virtue of Democrat Party dominance, in case you were concerned.

What the Court rightfully and legally did was to send the issue of abortion back to the states where it belonged, according to a majority of the Justices.

On the matter of Donald Trump, a good question is why the Suozzi camp is trying to maneuver Pilip into denying her support for the re-election of the former president. I’m not running for Congress, but I voted for Mr. Trump on both occasions, and will do so again if he is the Republican candidate. When I state that publicly, I inevitably receive a few e-mails denigrating my position and even a phone call here and there asking me something along the lines of “How could you?”

Last week, I had a conversation with a person who said she was from Long Beach and explained that she was outraged and upset about my support for Mr. Trump and my criticism of Mr. Biden. I’m happy to explain my position if people are willing to listen. But more important, I am entitled to my own position or opinion on the matter regardless if anyone else agrees with me or sees the issues the same way that I and many of my readers do.

One thing the Democrats have effectively accomplished over the last few years with the help of the left-wing media is to turn Mr. Trump into what liberal pundits like Noam Chomsky called, “the worst criminal in human history.” They maintain that position using specious arguments, and prefer that we focus on issues other than Biden’s failed presidency and how he has imperiled the country and seriously jeopardized the futures of millions of people.

One of the strategies of the Suozzi campaign is to try and maneuver Ms. Pilip into revealing whether she will continue to support Trump’s candidacy even if he is convicted of any of the 91 charges he is currently facing in four different jurisdictions.

One thing that has become increasingly clear is that most, if not all, of these charges are designed to undermine Trump’s candidacy and derail the possibility that he could serve four more years as president after four years of hard-won experience in the same office. In a strategy that has become known as “lawfare,” the Democrats use the legal system to brand their opponent a criminal and inundate him with charges. An indictment alone is sufficient to secure plenty of negative media coverage, and the judges in these Democratic districts seem eager for a conviction.

The fact is, the rush to secure a conviction on any one of these spuriously devised charges might cause a significant number of people to back away from voting for Mr. Trump. That is true “election interference” in my book as it undermines the public’s ability to make a free choice. But if you take a step back and observe the proceedings, you see that the prosecutors are not just steamrolling over Trump’s rights, but even want to skip the appeals court in the judicial process so they can rush to secure a possible conviction prior to the November election.

While at this point it seems less likely that any of these trials will succeed in undermining Trump’s candidacy (even if there is a conviction), Mr. Trump still has the right to appeal whatever ruling is delivered. The appeals process can easily take a year or more to be adjudicated, a procedure that can only begin to take place after the November election.

So why shouldn’t Mazi Pilip or anyone else for that matter have a right to support the candidate of their choice until the case is resolved and a well thought out decision can be reached?

In one of my few conversations with Mr. Suozzi, I told him that one of my issues with him is that he voted twice to impeach Donald Trump. He had to know that the charges of “Russia collusion” were a complete fabrication, and considering all that Trump has done for Israel, which he also ardently supports, as well as Trump’s ability to keep the U.S. out of war, he should have had the courage to vote against impeachment.

But that is the problem with electing Democrat candidates today. They stick together, no matter what the damage their policies inflict, and always vote as one. In a sense, it seems they are afraid of standing up for what’s right and what serves their constituency best because their leadership demands unreserved, unwavering party loyalty.

The U.S. might be in better shape today if the Republican Party had that kind of unity. Still, regardless of the criticism, America stands for a much better change with an increased Republican majority in the House. And that is what the Pilip-Suozzi election next week is about. It’s about a House Republican leadership that can put some limits on the debt ceiling, secure our border, and bolster American energy production. It’s about what’s best for the American people and what’s best for Israel.

That’s why it’s important to vote for Mazi Pilip on February 13.


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  1. B”H Opposing this publisher-editor on everything he badmouths is easy enough; made a proverbial piece of cake for being neither likable nor congenial. Instead, in his patronizing dogmatism he insists that a MAGA acolyte, who refuses to uphold the strictures of our Constitution as they’re daily assaulted by the u fit 45th President; so much for cutting a profile of courage Legislator Mazi Philip. Prima facie, her candidacy is straight out from central casting, the one that might have promoted her for a contestant on The Apprentice.Ethiopian-born Jew who served in the IDF, has migrated to America and found admirable personal and political success, my support would have been naturally forthcoming. It’s not the case, because we have a superior alternative, with a proven moderate and progressive record, former Congressman Tom Suozzi of the same Third C.D. In that role, he was introduced to me at a campaign stop for TOH Councilman Jeffrey Toback, becoming instantly impressed with bonhomie and articulate, persuasive message delivery. One must ask: do we really need another Republican right-winger supporting the incompetent House Speake Mike Johnson —- who both organized to annul the 2020 election and registered with dozens others for the Trump reelection? Larry as usual way off base; I suggest that he more temperate in his outbursts, a la his counterpart, Ed Weintrob of The Jewish Star —- analyzing dispassionately and leaving the public to choose, Tom Suozzi the better alternative who would stand up to the misbegotten squad of the Democratic Party (as Gordon correctly uses the term)!with fraternal affection, Asher 🙏🇺🇸😀🇮🇱

  2. Two quick corrections.
    “In one of my few conversations with Mr. Suozzi, I told him that one of my issues with him is that he voted twice to impeach Donald Trump. He had to know that the charges of “Russia collusion” were a complete fabrication”

    I can only hope that you and your readers have long enough memories to recall that neither of Trump’s impeachments were over charges of “Russia collusion”. Given everything else you’ve said about the legal challenges Trump is facing, and the fact that you’ve given absolutely no consideration to the possibility that any of these charges reflect actual crimes the former President may have committed… Is it safe to assume that you’re one of those to whom Trump referred when he said in 2016, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK?”

    You consistently express your concern with Biden’s policy on Israel because he believes the the way forward is through a two-state solution. Here’s the thing, though: Trump released his plan for middle-East peace in January, 2020. “The Deal of the Century”, as you may recall, was rejected by the YeSha Council because it called for a distinct and autonomous Palestinian state. In other words, it was a two-state solution. Written by Jared Kushner. Proposed by Trump.

  3. Did you not see the cop being beaten in Times Square?! And then the aftermath during thier release. If you voted for Biden last time, you are responsible for this. I grew up on a world where my father a”h told me never touch a cop. Imagine yourself being the cop, no recourse, just have to sit and watch people who just beat you to pulp, walk free. Really? this is the world you want to live in?

    • thank you for reminding us that there was no crime prior to the election of President Biden.
      Thank you for reminding us of the Biden administration’s policies that included incentives to beat cops.
      I guess we can blame Trump for the two LA cops who were shot in their squad car in Septmber 2020?
      If so, we should thank Biden for the guilty verdict and 166 year sentence that was handed down in that case in November 2023?

      Cool. I voted for Biden. I’m responsible for justice being served.
      You voted for Trump. You’re responsible for the cops being shot.

      Sometimes I’m astounded at the pretzel-logic you Trumpies use….


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