The first plane hijacked by Palestinian terrorists was El Al flight 426 on July 23, 1968. Researchers and military historians have characterized this air hijacking as a milestone in the advent of modern terrorism, dubbed “skyjackings.” Palestinian terror organizations practically invented the “skyjacking.” As a result, and in response to this threat, every airport in the world practices security measures to prevent this form of global terrorism, and it started with the Jews.

This is the global danger of dismissing the explosion of Jew-hatred that has erupted on the streets and campuses of America and other Western nations, demanding the annihilation of the State of Israel, using the First Amendment right to freedom of speech as a justification to normalize and legalize antisemitic rhetoric that calls for violence and disregards law and order and is a threat not only to Jews but to Western Civilization as a whole. Jews have historically been the “canary in the coal mine” when it comes to state-approved violence. It is imperative that we as Jews do our fellow citizens a favor by boldly and clearly identifying the sources of this poison that is being spewed on our society from violent, anti-Jewish and anti-Israel radicals before it’s too late.

Over the past decade, Qatar-based foundations have spent upwards of $1.5 billion buying influence in universities via chairs, fellowships, and endowments, all with the aim of spreading this poisonous rhetoric on college campuses, including Ivy League schools, with the specific agenda to disseminate the idea that Israel and “Zionism” are inherently evil and must be eradicated. By so doing, they undermine our own American Democracy. The objective of this massive influx of funding of academicians has been to form an alliance between the American radical left and the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that espouses radical Islamism and is banned in most Arab nations of the Middle East, creating an unholy alliance between elite academicians, Muslim demonstrators, the media, politicians, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The inevitable result of this alliance is the trampling of Democratic principles by means of violence which they demonstrate daily on our streets, intimidating politicians, students, administrators, professors of good conscience, and even local police.

In recent weeks, the word “unacceptable” has been widely used by university heads and even law enforcement officials to describe the behavior of violent Muslim demonstrators and their supporters although the term has been rendered useless as Jewish students across the campuses of America are unable to leave their dorms or apartments and walk freely to class without being physically or verbally accosted. Jews are routinely prohibited from counter demonstrating and have been ordered by law enforcement officials to vacate the premises while the Muslim mobs and their supporters continue demonstrating. Pamphlets and literature found among the debris at numerous campus encampments have explicitly called for “Death to America.” Denying the clear and present danger lurking behind the Keffiyehs worn by many of the demonstrators will not alter the real threat to American and European Democracies.

These modern-day Nazi demonstrators have replaced their brown shirts with Keffiyehs and have effectively become a threat not only to Jews but to everyone who stands in their way while they accuse them of “Islamophobia.” The current struggle on the campuses and streets is a preview for everyone, giving us a glimpse of the result of the drastic demographic and cultural changes taking place in Western societies with the influx of millions of Muslim immigrants over the past decade and a half.

The lack of border control in the Southern United States and Europe (due largely to progressive border policies and the radical left-wing parties in charge, influenced by years of progressive indoctrination), have allowed the influx of millions of Muslims into the United States and Western Europe.

It has never been only about the Jews or Israel. Pro-Palestinian Western intelligentsia have over the years never raised their opposition to Stalin, Mao, and Khomeini. They kept silent as President Assad of Syria butchered over a half million of his own countrymen, including Palestinians, forcing over five million refugees to flee for their lives. Not one demonstration was held on any campus when the Houthis restored slavery in Yemen. The Yazidi genocide perpetrated by the Islamic State (Sunni Muslims) during the years 2014-2017 characterized by massacres, genocidal rape, sexual slavery, and forced conversions to Islam was nothing more than a hindrance, a blip on the radar, soon ignored and forgotten. No one at Columbia, Harvard, Stanford, or any Ivy League school held massive protests for the victims in Yemen, Syria, and Sudan. Not one.

The Jews are a convenient stepping stone on the way to destroying Democratic liberalism, Democratic values, and Western civilization. You have been warned: What starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews. n


Ron Jager grew up in the South Bronx and made Aliyah in 1980. He served for 25 years in the IDF as a Mental Health Field Officer in operational units and was Commander of the Central Psychiatric Clinic for Reserve Solders at Tel-Hashomer. Since retiring, he has been involved in strategic consultancy to NGOs and communities in the Gaza Envelope on resiliency projects to assist first responders and communities. Ron has written numerous articles for outlets in Israel and abroad focusing on Israel and the Jewish world. You can contact Ron at: or via his website:


  1. B”H While I heartedly join Ron in his outrage that Western values are roundly assaulted by the ahistorical mobs at American campuses, he again cannot help himself exhibiting the tick that propels him to conclude the cause for this development to fit neatly into his pre-programmed formula: blame a fatuous left wing, progressivism that perpetuates this social upheaval. Nonsense. Our freedoms are enjoyed precisely because of the Enlightenment, the liberalization of thought and the human spirit that also makes ironically possible the periodic appearance of the enemies of civilization. Our response must be forceful, where dangers appear to challenge those ideals enshrined in our Constitution, for example. Those who have been found to represent fear directing them to reserve the right to foment violence our law enforcement agencies have also emanated from domestic nihilistic actors —- including, dare I say, my friend’s misguided MAGA champion and former unfit 45th President! Thus, the work of restoring sanity and decency at home and abroad is long and arduous and we may not fully restore them in our lifetimes. But, as Pirkey Avot, the Sayings of Our Fathers, instructs, we still are obligated to begin. Let’s start now, and continue to repulse the forces of reaction, darkness, evil through November 5, and beyond. Amen. With fraternal affection, Asher 🙏😩🇺🇸😢🇮🇱🤣🔯☪️


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