To eat.

Just joking, there is more to Passover than chugging four cups of wine and eating dry matzah for seven days. In simple terms, we celebrate Passover because we were freed from being slaves in Egypt for 210 years. 210 years of absolute hell and exile. As we all know, Moshe was born during the decree to kill all Jewish born boys. Moshe’s mother was forced to put him in a basket in the river hoping he would stay alive. He was saved by Pharoah’s daughter as she heard crying coming from the river outsider the palace. He was then brought into Pharaoh’s palace and raised by Pharoah’s daughter. Moshe grew up, he got in a deadly fight with an Egyptian causing him to run away to Ethiopia. After being king in Ethiopia for 40 years and marrying his wife in Midyan. Hashem revealed to Moshe that he was going to be the leader of the Jewish people and free them from Egypt. Confused and scared, Moshe asked how someone like him, with a lisp, can be the ultimate leader. Hashem assured Moshe that he is the right one and that He will perform marvelous miracles and wonders.


Moshe entered Egypt asking Pharoah to free the Jews from slavery. Pharoah answered that he will not let the Jews go because he needs them as slaves. Moshe announced that Hashem will hit the Egyptians with a plague turning all their waters into blood. With each plague came three weeks of warning. After the plague of blood, Moshe appeared to Pharaoh again, pleading with him to let the Jews go. As we all know, Pharoah disagreed and was hit with the plague of frogs. After the first set of five plagues, Moshe visited Pharaoh again with the same question, receiving the same answer. So, the next five plagues occurred, making the Egyptians suffer financially and physically.


Death of the firstborns, the final and most devastating plague, was to happen. To protect the Jewish firstborns, Jews were told to kill a sheep and mark their doorposts with the blood, so the Angel of Death knows which home to pass over. All the Egyptian firstborns died, including Pharaoh’s son. Pharaoh could not take it anymore and rushed out of his house at midnight searching for Moshe. He pleaded to Moshe to leave Egypt right now with all the Jews. Moshe adamantly refused and said all the Jews will leave in the middle of the day so that everyone can see Hashem’s miracles.


This is the exact reason why we celebrate Passover; it wasn’t just that we were freed from slavery, it was because Hashem saved us in four different ways corresponding to the four cups of wine/grape juice we drink for both seders. Hashem brought us out, saved us, and redeemed us, and took us out. The fifth and final form of deliverance corresponds to the fifth cup that will be revealed by the final redemption. We are remembering what happened in the past for Jews and celebrating what will occur in the future.


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We are all hoping that this year we’ll be together in Jerusalem, drinking the blessings of the fifth and final cup of wine amongst Mashiach, speedily in our days, Amen.


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