The Graduate Program in Advanced Talmudic Studies for Women at Yeshiva University (GPATS) is proud to announce the publication of “Tribal Blueprints” by Nechama Price, director of GPATS. The book, which has been generously sponsored by Ann and Jeremy Pava of West Hartford, Connecticut, is published by the Koren division of Maggid Publishers. Called the Pava Edition, Tribal Blueprints is based on a course that Price teaches at Stern College for Women.

The book traces the stories, personalities, and character traits of Jacob’s sons, also known as the Twelve Tribes of Israel, as discussed in Bereishit [Genesis], and how those traits were handed down to the respective son’s descendants. A chapter is dedicated to each son with many fascinating details brought to light.

“Ann and Jeremy Pava are visionaries in our community, with a passion for women’s scholarship. Through their leadership, we have seen an explosive growth in GPATS enrollment for the upcoming year,” said Price. “Personally, it is an honor to partner with them in the publication of my first book. I consider our friendship, as well as their guidance and wisdom, a personal treasure.”

The Pavas first met Price when she served as a scholar-in-residence at their shul, the Young Israel of West Hartford, Connecticut, and observed how she captivated the audience with her inspiring presentations. “It is both an honor and privilege to play a small role in helping publish Nechama Price’s first book,” said Ann Pava. “We continue to be impressed with her incredible scholarship and insightful analysis and are grateful for her leadership at GPATS. She is an inspiration to all women, and we thank her for her continued tenacity in advancing women’s Torah education, her role as a public educator, and her tireless service to the community.”

Continuing its mission to provide a high level of Torah learning to women, GPATS is proud to announce many exciting changes this year, such as the addition of the Tanach track, created to serve students interested in learning about Tanach at a more sophisticated level. Dr. Michelle Levine, associate professor of bible at Stern College, and Rabbi Dr. Yitzhak Berger, professor of biblical studies and Hebrew administrator at Hunter College, will be teaching in the program. “They are both exceptional teachers, and we are so honored to have them join the GPATS faculty,” said Price.

This year has shown a doubling of students enrolled in GPATS in the existing Talmud track and the new Tanach track. Students attend GPATS both full- and part-time, and some Stern College undergraduates also take GPATS courses for credit. The summer June Zman program has also proven enormously popular, with 60 students enrolled. The program is taught each year by Rabbi David Nachbar, faculty member at GPATS, and runs for four weeks.

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