On November 2, Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology acquired Suffolk MRI’s office, located at 987 West Jericho Turnpike in Smithtown, making this Zwanger-Pesiri’s second location in Smithtown and their 19th office overall. Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology provides the most advanced technology to its patients, and this office will be the first radiology facility on Long Island to feature a high field strength, open-sided MRI machine.

Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology prides itself on being a patient-centric practice, and an open-sided MRI unit will accommodate patients who are not comfortable being imaged on a conventional machine. Zwanger-Pesiri is unwilling to compromise quality for comfort and believes that the Hitachi Oasis 1.2 Tesla MRI scanner is the first machine available with the ability to provide excellent images with superior comfort.

This machine is meant to create a relaxing environment for patients who cannot comfortably receive a standard MRI exam due to their size, age, or fear of tight spaces. The open-sided MRI unit offers the patient an unobstructed view for almost every exam it performs, while still allowing for high-quality images. This new open-sided MRI scanner joins Zwanger-Pesiri’s fleet of nineteen 3T MRI units. The 3T MRI system has long been regarded as the best medical imaging device available, as they provide incomparable images, short exam times, and are large enough to accommodate patients weighing up to 550 pounds.

Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology is the only radiology facility on Long Island to offer both the 3T MRI, which provides a comfortable experience while providing the highest quality images, and the Oasis 1.2T MRI, which delivers high-quality images in the most comfortable MRI environment yet.

Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology strives to provide the most advanced technology available today, with a strong focus on delivering a quality of care unmatched in the industry. For further information, visit www.zprad.com.


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